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As usual, Thomson has delivered an amazing bike trip experience. Loved the rides, the food and the wine. The best part of this and any other Thomson trip that I have experienced, however, was the staff. Pere and Dani were terrific. Thanks again


Wonderful focus on the ride above all else and the other aspects being very well prepared as well.


The overall trip was excellent. Great routs, beautiful sceneries The guides/leaders were phenomenal, they were always helping you with a big smile, great support. My only criticism is that the food could have been a bit better and my only suggestion is that in this era of Strava and other social sites, you wanted to post good time in this famous climbs, the only problem with Thomson tours is that you climb 2-3 cols before you get to the iconic ones and by then your are expend and cannot put a good effort.


Amazing trip! Spectacular challenging routes. Wonderful experience of the Vuelta. Exceptional ride staff. Excellent accommodations. Good food. Well-organized. I am a better cyclist from the experience, and look forward to more.


Well organised, well lead and well run.

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