The Journal

30 May 2024

The Best Cycling Destinations for Race Culture

For cycling enthusiasts who thrive on the storytelling of racing and the allure of legendary routes, a cycling holiday to iconic destinations offers the ultimate adventure

28 Mar 2024

The Best Cycling Destinations for Photo Opportunities

From the rugged trails of Scotland to the mystical allure of Morocco, from the verdant landscapes of Bali to the untamed wilderness of Iceland

29 Feb 2024

Ride Specialized with Thomson Bike Tours

We are elated to announce our new partnership with Specialized, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, who will be providing rental bikes for our future trips. Our commitment to providing the best cycling experiences aligns seamlessly with Specialized's dedication to pushing the limits of what's possible in the world of cycling. Having Specialized bikes available for rent on all our future trips from April onwards is a game-changer. It adds a new dimension to the quality of road and gravel trips, and I am genuinely thrilled about the caliber of bikes that you will now have access to.

1 Feb 2024

Painting The Road

The painted roads of cycling’s biggest events are as much a part of the fabric of the races as the peloton itself. Where did it come from and who started it?

25 Jan 2024

A Whole Lotta Waffle

It provokes questions like what is it? Why does it exist? Who is doing it and should I be doing it too? Well, we thought it was time to answer those questions, and who better to ask than the man behind dirt, gravel, trail classic, the Belgian Waffle Ride. Prepare to be entertained, introducing Michael Marckx.

10 Jan 2024

The Philosophy of Trip Planning

With nearly a quarter of a century of planning and running cycling adventures on the Thomson Bike Tours palmares, it’s fair to say that I have developed a clear idea of what makes a trip successful. Whilst the process and the detail is a complex operation, the philosophy behind it is surprisingly simple. In this article I’d like to share the six key elements that make the perfect trip.

29 Dec 2023

The Best Cycling Destinations for Weather

Whilst rugged pros revel in a battle against conditions to better their opponents and the weather, for many of us the real joy of cycling comes under azure blue skies and warm golden sunshine.

8 Dec 2023

Tour de France Femmes 2024

Covering three countries and four mountain ranges, the 2024 edition of the Tour de France Femmes promises a race of epic proportions in the August sunshine.

8 Dec 2023

Introducing Bizzy Butterworth

Hailing from the Mornington Peninsula, just outside of Melbourne, Australia, Bizzy Butterworth is an experienced cyclist, coffee lover and winner of our TDF competition! With a place on our French Alps trip next summer to look forward to, we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce Bizzy and her cycling life from now until the big week.

4 Dec 2023

FTP: Fantastic Training Package

Our Denia Training Camp is an entirely new concept for experienced cyclists with a minimum FTP of 3.8w/kg