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​Good mix of technical and flat gravel. Great support, stunning locations.


​This was a great trip, especially for a dirt enthusiast. The trip involves rides across a range of dirt surfaces (maintained smooth gravel, to rough unmaintained rocky single track) in the beautiful Catalonian countryside between Barcelona and Girona. I am a full time road rider without dirt experience (went to ride with friends) and while there were some technical sections I had to work my way through I still enjoyed the trip tremendously.


If I could turn around and ride it back, I would. After a recovery day. The trip was spectacular, beyond tire spec I wouldn’t change a single pebble. L’Avenc was sublime and needs to be used more, maybe a few nights and loops in the area?​


​This trip struck the right balance of adventure, challenge and peaceful beauty while still allowing enough downtime to feel rejuvenating. The mix of terrain and road/trail surfaces was perfect.


​The Spain gravel trip was a real adventure with lots of technically challenging gravel trails, tough climbs and amazing scenery. It was a great way to discover the territory between Barcelona and Girona Spain without sharing the road (most of the time) with cars!

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