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Your Winter Cycling Camp – Booking Now

The winter cycling camp has become the ideal way to kick start your early season, whatever the reason.

Your Winter Cycling Camp – Booking Now

Where once a little known Spanish town would become unusually busy with flocks of sponsor clad professionals, the best of the winter camp locations are now seeing a steady stream of mere mortals, hell bent on gaining some quick form in the sunshine.

For the professionals a Winter cycling camp has long formed part of the year’s itinerary, as integral as the race programme. The two or three week block has long provided an ideal opportunity to get the first concerted batch of hard training in and set up the long season ahead.

Train alongside the World Tour pro's

Pro’s Pros

For professional racing teams the benefits of these trips are manifold; glorious sunshine certainly helps the pre-season motivation, but a myriad of other pros stack up. Camps provide a great opportunity for team bonding with new faces mixing with old in the privacy of a chartered hotel. New kit is tried out and sometimes new bikes, all helping with the KMs.

Pro’s Cons

Unlike us, the professionals have other concerns on winter training camps. Three hour team meetings with endless buzz words and sponsor responsibilities are a drain. Intense repetition of base miles and interval training are a constant reminder of the loss of form. Worst of all there are regular lactate tests and weigh-ins to check on improvements. The winter training camp is as much hell as it is heaven. Thankfully, none of us are pros!

Sunshine and Glorious Roads

In recent years the concept of some winter sun has proved just as important to the rest of the cycling world. Our Cycling Camps provide avid cyclists with challenging, fully-supported rides in the world’s best early-season cycling destinations. Whether in Colombia, the fastest growing cycling destination in the world, or in the Canary Islands, the winter training ground for the world’s top professionals, let Thomson to introduce you to the world’s best early-season cycling destinations.


Colombia is fast becoming the Mecca of road cycling and the mountains above Medellin in Colombia’s Antioquia region are the favourite spot for many of the country’s top professionals to live and train.

Combining warm weather and high altitude, Medellin is the perfect destination to escape and enjoy a week of top-class riding. Our hotel for the week is the luxury Hotel Movich, situated at an altitude of 2200m and very close to Medellin’s International airport.

During the course of the week you’ll be riding at elevations of between 2000m and 3000m. Our regular staff members will provide the usual first-class Thomson Support and will be joined by local Colombian riders including Mauricio Ardila, ex-Rabobank professional who won the 2004 Tour of Britain.

Join us for a week of spectacular and challenging riding in the new hot-spot of road cycling.

Gran Canaria Cycling Camp

Gran Canaria has it all: Big mountains, endless sunshine, and 4-star resorts to rest and recharge at the end of each day. This cycling paradise, just a short flight from Barcelona or Madrid, reaches 2000m in elevation (6,000ft). We put the island’s big climbs, Valley of the Tears and Pico de las Nieves, up there with the hardest climbs we’ve done in the Alps. The perfect temperatures guarantee you’ll return home with a killer cycling tan and superior fitness.

New in 2020: our Gran Canaria camp is even better than before. We’ve made a few enhancements to our routes and in 2020 we’ll be staying 2 nights in the Cordial Hotel in Agaete followed by 5 nights in the Cordial Hotel in Puerto de Mogan

Tenerife & La Gomera Cycling Camp

Tenerife has become the preferred training destination of pro riders and this is your opportunity to discover just what is so special about this island.

A new destination to our portfolio of winter cycling camps, Tenerife is the ideal destination for those looking to escape the cold and enjoy some exceptional and challenging riding. Tenerife is of course famous for the climb to Mount Teide which serves as the training ground of choice for all of the GC contenders in the Tour de France.

But there’s a lot more to our camp than just Teide: ride the spectacular route through the cliffs to Masca and enjoy an incredible day of riding on the neighbouring island of La Gomera! Join us for a week of phenomenal riding and return home with fantastic early-season fitness - and a killer cycling tan that will make you the envy of your local grupetto!

Canary Islands 2-week Cycling Camp

Combine the Gran Canaria Camp & the Tenerife & La Gomera Camp into an incredible 2-week experience featuring the best of the Canary Islands. We’ll take care of all the transfers between the islands - you just need to provide the legs for 2 weeks of intensive riding.

Included in the 2-week price are the following complimentary items:

- rental bike for the second week in Tenerife

- flight from Gran Canaria to Tenerife

- night at La Laguna Gran Hotel

- dinner and breakfast at La Laguna Gran Hotel

In addition to all the rides on both of the individual weeks, we’ve thrown in an extra epic ride through some of Tenerife’s most spectacular terrain in the Anaga Natural Park at the start of the Tenerife & La Gomera week. Get your season off to the best possible start with 2 weeks in cycling paradise!