Belgian Waffle Ride and Thomson

Belgian Waffle Ride

BWR's orchestrate world-class gravel races designed to captivate riders through diverse and unexpected challenges

Monuments of Cycling, the renowned producer of the iconic Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR), is dedicated to curating unparalleled cycling experiences globally. At the core of BWR’s mission is the aspiration to ignite inspiration among cyclists of every caliber, encouraging them to push boundaries, set lofty goals, and discover newfound fulfillment and joy.


BWR and Thomson Bike Tourrs share a deep heritage and a proven track record in our respective fields. BWR, renowned for being a pioneer of gravel racing and the producer of the most unique cycling events in the world, has been providing cyclists with opportunities to aspire, reach, and grow both physically and mentally over the last thirteen years having produced 27 races. Similarly, Thomson Bike Tours has earned a reputation for delivering unparalleled cycling experiences, putting the rider first and constantly seeking improvements to elevate the journey. This partnership brings together two brands associated with the greatest races on the planet, including the Tour de France, to offer cyclists a unique combination of quality, performance, and service in exotic locations where the combination of terrains mimics the dynamics of a BWR course.


This partnership brings these two purveyors of pedaling passion together to grow the reach and richness of gravel experiences globally, with Thomson Bike Tours bringing its expertise to the United States and the BWR bringing its unique unroad adventures to Europe and beyond. The partnership will involve developing European training camps for the BWR and iconic rides throughout the world, leveraging the collective expertise that only a collaboration like this can manifest.


"The partnership between Thomson Bike Tours and Belgian Waffle Ride is crucial for expanding the horizons of gravel riding and racing and further enriching the gravel experience for riders worldwide. It's not just about the thrill of the race; it's about our shared passion for exploration, pushing boundaries, and embracing the untamed beauty of the outdoors. Together, we're not just creating events; we're crafting unforgettable adventures that redefine what it means to ride." Peter Thomson, CEO.

“We are incredibly excited to commence our partnership with Thomson Bike Tours,” remarked Michael Marckx, CEO of Monuments of Cycling, and creator of BWR. He added, “This partnership underscores our shared belief in the power of the bike to enrich lives. As passionate cyclists, both our teams will play a role in bringing new gravel experiences to riders all over the world. It’s in our shared nature to innovate and our collective dream is to share the best possible cycling adventures with riders of all stripes. Our efforts will bring new unroad opportunities... From spectacular new locations and meticulous refinement of routes to incredible van support and the best ride leaders in the business.”

guests who partake of the forthcoming BWR x TBT gravel destination tours, wherever they may be, with carefully curated experiences crafted for the ultimate gravel excursions of unforgettable unroads, indelible memories and abiding friendships. This collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for both brands as they strive to redefine the standards of premium gravel cycling experiences.

The Belgian Waffle Ride was initially conceived as extremely challenging race in the spirit of the great European one-day Spring Classics and has evolved into a collection of the most unique cycling events globally. The race are renowned for their dynamic, multi-surface unroad parcourses featuring single track, gravel, sand, rocks, double track, water crossings, cyclocross features, and asphalt.