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Introducing Bizzy Butterworth

Introducing Bizzy Butterworth

Hailing from the Mornington Peninsula, just outside of Melbourne, Australia, Bizzy Butterworth is an experienced cyclist, coffee lover and winner of our TDF competition! With a place on our French Alps trip next summer to look forward to, we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce Bizzy and her cycling life from now until the big week.

Mountains Calling

The legendary Dolomites have an almost magnetic pull to cyclists longing for the challenge of truly epic mountains. From all corners of the world people travel to take on the famous peaks, including in 2018, Bizzy and a group of friends. The journey from novice to ambitious mountain goat started around 10 years ago when, struggling with running injuries, Bizzy began training with her son who had entered gate Great Vic Bike Ride. Triathlons quickly followed before the cycling community of Mornington Peninsula welcomed Bizzy and provided people to train with and, importantly, many friends.

“This was my first cycling trip overseas and left me hungry for more. It is amazing how you can start a trip and not realise how much riding and climbing you are capable of doing day after day.“

Bizzy Butterworth - Thomson Bike Tours competition winner - in the Dolomites

European Experience

That first trip abroad gave Bizzy huge confidence in her own capabilities and inspired her to do more. The sense of achievement possible from the bike is an incredibly addictive buzz and one that was alive and kicking in Bizzy who recalls that “truly wonderful introduction to travelling with my bike”.

Once you’ve ridden in Europe, it’s hard to stay away. Since the Dolomites trip Bizzy has been back to Europe a couple more times, firstly to race age group at the first UCI Gravel World Championships and then to Romania, riding gravel through the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania — “A truly memorable trip, culturally and scenically.”

Racing & Adventure

Whilst not for everyone, the call of racing is a common path for cyclists looking to continue their development and increase the thrill of cycling. Having enjoyed one day and stage races on the road, Bizzy discovered the world of CX racing and then the opportunities for adventure on gravel.

”I had already started gravel riding and tried a few CX races but our first lockdown gave me the opportunity to spend some long days exploring with a friend out on the backroads.”

The opportunity for exploration that cycling brings can open up a world of discovery; both in terms of new places and the friendships forged along the way.

“What I took out of that was the thing that I have come to love most about cycling. The all day, ride at your own pace, and connect with your surroundings type of riding - gravel has that in spades and so does riding up mountains! There's nothing quite like it!”

Bizzy Butterworth competes in a gravel event

Ride Habits

We’re always intrigued about the ride habits of our guests; favourite routes, best coffee stops, regular locations for a stop sign sprint. For Bizzy there are no shortages of great routes; “from coastal flat roads, lovely hills up around Red Hill and an abundance of gravel roads and horse trails”.

“One of my favourites would have to be the ride out to Mount BawBaw from Noojee, a truly stunning and generally quiet road through cool climate rainforest. Although Mount Baw Baw isn't the longest climb, at 1460 metres, the last 6km pack a punch with the average gradient being 13%. Its one of those rides where its so brutal but equally breathtakingly beautiful and rewarding at the same time.”

So does that reward include a coffee?! Coffee on a ride — definitely. How can that even be a question! Anywhere and everywhere as long as the coffee is good!

Bizzy Butterworth - Thomson Bike Tours competition winner - after a gravel event

The French Alps Trip

Bizzy’s prize, in our Tour de France competition, was a place on a trip to the French Alps in 2024. We’re were interested to know whether the prospect was daunting, even for an experienced climber and visitor to Europe.

“I am super excited about this trip, I have always wanted to ride in the French Alps and this one seems to tick off every bucket list climb. It is definitely a daunting itinerary on paper but I am really looking forward to the challenge”.

Whilst we love to create routes and trips that are challenging, we specialise in providing a platform for cyclists to achieve their ambitions. Our dedicated team of ride leaders, van drivers and mechanics are always on hand to make every trip a success. We know that Bizzy will smash the Alps trip and we look forward to sharing her story along the way!

If you want to join Bizzy, read more about the trip by clicking below.