Thomson Tales

Catalonia From The Inside


Our second Trans-Catalonia trip is starting at the end of the week. So it’s a good time to check-out the inside line.

June’s Trans-Catalonia trip was what you would traditionally call epic, weather-wise.  We are becoming acutely aware of what climate change is doing to the world as we have to deal with more and more unexpected weather patterns. Despite the odd downpour though, the riding was nothing short of spectacular.

We were lucky to have our photographer, Pol Soler, on board for the trip.  He paints a great scene for the trip.

Beyond the Alps, Dolomites & Pyrenees

When you think of cycling in Europe, many people tend to stick to the big three mountain ranges… At least in the beginning.  Regions and mountains are like fine wine and, the more you roam and explore,  you end up becoming a connoisseur; always looking for that special place, that un-discovered ride.

And Catalonia is one such area.

I really enjoyed exploring Catalonia – Peter and Sergi crafted a great and challenging course that took us through many new and unexplored (for me) roads. Very little traffic, challenging climbs, beautiful scenery and great hotels really made the trip special – this is a treat for those riders who are ready to move beyond the big-name climbs and look for new challenges in rides and climbs, exposure to Catalonia’s unique culture and beautiful scenery.
– Richard Siegel, USA, CA.


This was my 8th Thomson trip and the Trans-Catalonia ranks right up there with the most difficult and most enjoyable of the Thomson “Trans” trips. Great scenery, quiet (almost deserted roads). Truly one of the most enjoyable Thomson trips for me.
– Cosimo Crupi, Canada, Ontario.

Next Year’s Trip

Enjoy the photo gallery below and imagine yourself riding these roads in 2019.
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