Thomson Tales

There’s Something Missing From Your Facebook Feed. And It Just Might be Us.

Facebook is notorious famous for constantly tinkering with its algorithms, including the one that determines what goes into your personal News Feed. One day, everything looks good and you’re getting content you find relevant and entertaining—videos, pictures and stories from your friends at Thomson, for instance. Then suddenly all that bike-riding goodness disappears and your stream is choked with long political rants from people you barely know and page after page of your aunt Bertha’s cats, dressed up in Halloween costumes.

That’s an algorithm change at work. And at the bottom of it lies the idea that Facebook knows more about what you want to see than you do.

Here’s how to take control of your content, fix how it appears on your News Feed, and incidentally, make sure Thomson stays in it.

You can make that happen with just three (or four) simple steps:

A few easy-to-make changes to your Facebook setup can make sure you keep getting jaw-dropping images like this one.

Here’s how to make it happen.

Step 0: We Like You. Let’s Make it Facebook-Mutual.

If you haven’t already Liked the Thomson page, you can do so here. Just click on the thumbs-up button at left, under the big banner image.

If you like, you can also pin Thomson to your Facebook Shortcuts by clicking on the three dots icon to the right of the Like button and selecting Pin to Shortcuts from the dropdown menu. A shortcut to the Thomson page will now be available in the Shortcuts option in the left-side bar of your Home page.

Step 1: Take Control of Your Preferences

Check to make sure Thomson is in your News Feed Preferences. Start by locating the down-pointing triangle at upper right on your Facebook nav bar. Click it and scroll down to News Feed preferences. It’s near the bottom of the available options. Click on News Feed preferences to move to the next screen.

Note: if you don’t see Thomson in this screen, it’s probably because you haven’t Liked our group.  You can do that in Step 0 previous.

1: Click the arrow on the far upper right of your Facebook page, then scroll down to News Feed preferences and click.

Step 2: Establish Your Priorities

From the Preferences screen, click the Prioritize who to see first option (the top one, with the white star in a circle of blue). A new window will open within Preferences.

2: Click the top option, Prioritize who to see first.

Step 3: First Clicked, First Served

In Prioritize who to see first subwindow, you’ll see icons for family, friends, and pages you’ve Liked. Locate the icon for Thomson and click on it. The blue circle/white star icon will appear above it.

3: From the Prioritize who to see first subwindow, locate and click on the Thomson icon.

And you’re all set. Easy, right?

Note: to make these changes for your Android or iPhone phone or tablet, use the same steps, starting in the hamburger (three bar) icon and scrolling down to News Feed Preferences.