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Campagnolo Media Camp in Gran Canaria

Last year we were lucky enough to help organize the Campagnolo global media launch in Gran Canaria, assisting in the organisation of the event, running support and handling logistics.   And we did it so well, they came back and asked us to do it again this year.

One for the fans

Campagnolo’s media launches are always hugely anticipated events by fans and cyclists in general as most product that comes out of Vicenza is generally high on the cool factor.   Personally I have always been a hardcore Campagnolo fan, and it’s no secret in Thomson Bike Tours that both Sergi and Peter are too. So it was great when Joshua Riddle, Campy’s Press Manager, approached us to help them organize a repeat in 2017.

Number crunching

And what an event!  Sitting down with Joshua at the end of the 3 weeks we were down in Gran Canaria, covering similar ground to our Feb/March training camps, we crunched the numbers and came up with the following:

120 people passed through the media camp over the 3-week period.
50 of those were renowned international cycling journalists.
There were 50 custom made, Campagnolo-branded Sarto bikes built up by Campy ready for testing.
We used 2 Thomson SAG vans.
And Thomson staff rode a total of 3420km during the camp.
Oh, and I think we demolished at least salad bar at the buffet!

The end result

Of course, media camps are run with one specific objective in mind…  Exposure!  And I’m sure you’ve seen the results over the last week. But just in case you’re a bit behind on your newsfeed, I’ve put together a list of some of the main online media reviews.

Campagnolo Media Coverage

Here are a few links to some of the major global cycling media coverage of the Campagnolo 2017 product launch.

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And because Thomson is all about the experience, here’s a great selection of photos from the event that you won’t find in any of the usual cycling media.

A huge thanks to Josh for involving us in his mighty project!

Photo opportunities at the Campagnolo Media Camp
When you’re testing new equipment you’ve got to give it the sprint test
Gran Canaria is an impressive place to ride
Campagnolo Centaur test ride
What goes up must come down. What better way to test new braking systems
Campagnolo’s Joshua Riddle
Thomson Bike Tours certainly know the island like the back of their hand
The Peloton: Calm before the storm – Yes, there’s always a storm
Antonio del Pino from Spain’s Triatlón magazine at full tilt
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any steeper


Windmills are a staple backdrop in Gran Canaria. On the road to Mogan
Absolutely stunning