Climb the incredible Alto de Letras - the longest climb in the world - 80km (50 miles) from bottom to top!

Not for the faint of heart, our Trans-Colombia Challenge trip features the best of Colombian cycling. The highlight of the trip is the 80km climb to Alto de Letras, known as the longest climb in the world. And in true Thomson style we’ll do Letras not once, but twice - from both sides!

Starting in Medellin, the mecca of Colombian cycling, our route takes us south over the Andes mountains. We’ll ride through the coffee plantations of the famous Eje Cafetero (Coffee Triangle) which claims to produce the worlds best coffee.

From the Coffee Triangle we head over to Los Nevados National Park where the Nevado del Ruiz volcano lies under its blanket of snow and glaciers. The National Park also hosts our final challenge - the 3660m Alto de Letras!