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Fantastic weather, great riding. No better roads to ride anywhere.


Ok, Tenerife & La Gomera is my 9 trip with Thomson Bike Tours. This trip is another outstanding cycling experience. Peter Thomson is always looking for opportunities to come up with new fantastic trips and to improve the existing ones. The accommodations are second to none and the support is excellent. The routes provide spectacular and astonishing views. Challenging climbs and roads in good conditions. Whether you are strong rider or a recreational rider it doesn’t matter. You will get a great cycling experience. I know because they never disappoint me.


The travel day to La Gomera was fantastic. It would be nice to get two days there, but I understand the hotel/logistical problem. Also, it is very nice to have a permanent lodging for the entire trip. I wish there were some laundry facilities available. Our hand washed clothes would not dry for two days (we were on the North side of the hotel so no sun on the balcony). I took a day off on day 5, which made days 6 and 7 really nice. It would be nice if this rest could be incorporated into the “trans” trips too. The reality is that most of your riders don’t do 7 days of long rides in a row, so an optional day at day 5 would be great. Please don’t misinterpret me though, I absolutely loved this trip as it is, and plan to do it again with my wife next time. Thankyou for an experience I will never forget.


Tenerife is a great destination for winter, beginning of Spring. I would definitely try to include a route to climb El Teide from Villaflor. It is a great climb, going through the forest.


Great rides, great weather, great staff, priceless adventure! See you in the future.

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