Trust Thomson to deliver a camp that goes above and beyond. Gran Canaria has it all: Big mountains, endless sunshine, and a 4 star resort to rest and recharge at the end of each day. This cycling paradise, just a short flight from Barcelona or Madrid, reaches 2000 m in elevation (6,000ft). We put the island’s big climbs, Valley of the Tears and Pico de las Nieves, up there with the hardest climbs we’ve done in the Alps. The perfect temperatures guarantee you’ll return home with a killer cycling tan and superior fitness.


Only with Thomson Bike Tours - our TBT camp includes a extraordinary bonus day on the island of Tenerife to challenge yourself on the pro’s favorite training mountain.

The longest continuous climb in Europe at 50 km long, El Teide maintains an ideal endurance gradient of 5-7% as it rises from sea level to over 2100 m. El Teide is a mecca for top Tour de France contenders. We couldn’t resist a climb that Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome credit their Tour de France wins to. We’re going to fly you over to Tenerife from Gran Canaria for the day (30 min flight), where our staff awaits with your bikes. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to truly train like the pros!

Check out the highlights from our 2017 trip: