What if your Thomson tour be not just your best trip ever, but the high point of your best year ever on the bike?

The trip exceeded my expectations by far. The best trip ever.
—Michael DeVita, USA

The best cycling experience in the world.
—David Salzman, South Africa

This was probably the greatest trip of my life!
—Kendra Sweet, USA

This was the best cycling experience I have undertaken.
—Graeme Rate, South Africa

The experience is among the most amazing and rewarding things I have ever done —Nina Sundberg, Norway

Thomson guests often tell us their TBT trip was their best ever. And we love hearing it. But we also love challenging ourselves. So we thought, how could we help make our trips  even better than “best trip ever” for our guests?

Of course we work constantly to improve every aspect of every Thomson trip. But what if we broadened the question? How could your Thomson tour be not just your best trip ever, but the high point of your best year ever on the bike?

Now that would be very cool. And we’d be very proud to be part of it.

Thomson Bike Tours Spring Classics best year ever

An early start with the Spring Classics. Not just a once-in-a-lifetime experience with mud (or sometimes dust) , cobbles and really good beer, but the chance to drop into the riding season’s sweet spot in the best shape of your life.

Best Year Ever Step One: Timing is Everything

The key to achieving a best-year-ever goal is integrating your Thomson trip into the rest of your event plans and preparation schedule. And that requires not just preparation, but planning.

An early-season trip like our Gran Canaria or Spring Classics packages will require more off-season preparation (at least for our Northern Hemisphere guests), but also offers the perfect springboard to in-season fitness that can help you ride at  peak performance for the rest of the year.

Late spring and summer rides like our Giro and Tour KOM packages come in midseason and offer the perfect opportunity to build a training and/or event schedule around.

Trans Challenge ride are available through the summer months and into September; the brutal Ruta Negra falls in high summer after the Vuelta. These most-challenging rides offer the greatest flexibility in terms of scheduling, but will also have more impact on the rest of your calendar.

TBT Best year ever Tour de France

Mid-year trips like the Giro or Tour make a great focal point for your season.

Best Year Ever Step Two: Put  a Stake in the Ground

Once you’ve decided when and where your dream trip will take place, it’s time to start planning. You can book any of our 2018 trips now with a deposit of just $500. The deposit is fully refundable within 30 days of placement, so you still have some flexibility. But the key is that reserving in advance gives you a more certainty for planning, so you can integrate your Thomson tour into the rest of your season and get the most out of your entire riding year.

Thomson Bike Tours Trans Challenge best year ever

Trans Challenges are available throughout the summer months, including the Ruta Negra in late August/early September.

Best Year Ever Step Three: Work Your Plan

Once you have your booking in place, you can look at your other events and how they and your Thomson tour will integrate into your personal, family, professional and training schedules. Then build out your preparation plans and get ready to enjoy your best year ever on the bike. We look forward to being a part of it!


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  1. Billy

    Definitely a great goal and mission for TBT to plan on making it the best year ever for anyone who decides to go on one of the trips. Love the options and availability in terms of choices when it comes to Thomson’s tours. Love bike tours! Thanks for sharing.


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