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Jordi Cobos is one of the “hard” men of Thomson Bike Tours. Most at home with the strongest riders of the bunch, he’s also a great wrench and always happy to help.

How long have you worked with Peter? What was your first Trip?

This is my 5th full season. My first trip was the Trans-Pyrenees, back in 2012. It was the perfect way to get to know the Thomson DNA: The infamous Rat Penat in the warm up ride – how crazy is that!

What do you do at Thomson?

I’m a multitasker. I started as a mechanic/ride leader… Since 2015 I’ve been running trips as a Trip Manager too.

What is your favourite trip and why?

There’s no doubt for me – the Spring Classics! The riding, race viewing, cobbles… I really love this trip. Throughout the season we ride the most beautiful climbs in Europe. Most of them are very long… and that is another reason to love the Classics: the climbs are short!

What is so special about your red shoes?

I got them simply because they fit me very well, but after a few trips I realised that the colour was everything but discreet. The TBT crew call them “the salmon shoes”, they are not red anymore (the sun has done its work). It is a great way for the van drivers to spot me on the road. And Peter Thomson loves them.

What is the strangest experience you’ve ever had on a Thomson trip?

Everybody got destroyed after a ride in Gran Canaria (a tremendous ride with just under 11000 feet of climbing). One of our guests decided to keep riding just to hit that magic 11000ft… and he was bonking hard! Then you can say that cycling is all about numbers!

What’s your favourite gear?

Big ring! 53×11

Disc brake or no Disc brake?

No brakes!
I’m a mountain biker at heart, so I’m used to run disc brakes. I see in the future we will be using disc brakes, for sure. But I’m not picky, I just need two wheels to have fun!

Your favourite recovery food?

Cold sparkling water! Once we get to the hotel after the ride (I’m not the only TBT guy doing it) is the moment to ask for some bubbles, even before checking in! My favorite real food at home after a ride is some mel i mató (tipical catalan soft cheese with honey) and fresh fruit.

If you could ride 100km with any professional cyclist from any era, who would you choose and why?

I do love professional cycling, but I don’t have any particular hero. If possible I would like to ride with Rwanda National Team in their terrain. The story behind these guys and how they improve their lives thanks to racing bikes is absolutely encouraging.

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Chris is Thomson Bike Tour's Global Marketing Manager and comes to us from Trek and then ROTOR Bike Components. He's been in the business of cycling since 2004 and a cycling fan since 1989 and that famous Tour de France win by Greg Lemond.

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