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The camaraderie of private trips organized for you and your friends is something else!

We run several private trips throughout the year.  Often a past guest has had a great experience on one of our regular trips and wants to come back with friends.  There’s literally no difference in terms of the amount or type of support you get from Thomson, with the added benefit of deciding where you want to ride and how long to ride for.  Oh, and where you want to stay too!

“The planning and support on this year’s tour was beyond compare, with the attention to detail being second to none. Fantastic, friendly team. Thanks guys!” – David Jackson

“Once again Thomson have provided our group with a wonderful experience. The quality of service and camaraderie amongst the Thomson team really caps off of the experience. We look forward to the next one!” – Daryn Moore

If you’re interested in setting up a private trip to what ever destination you like, just drop us a line.

Cold in Italy

It might have been cold but it sure was fun!

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Chris is Thomson Bike Tour's Global Marketing Manager and comes to us from Trek and then ROTOR Bike Components. He's been in the business of cycling since 2004 and a cycling fan since 1989 and that famous Tour de France win by Greg Lemond.

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  1. Peter

    Book with Thomson, their reps have a vast knowledge of what people want, and people want the best, so book with the best. Peter Mara.


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