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Campagnolo is quintessentially Italian in so many ways you can really only ever understand it if you immerse yourself in it.

We’ve always had a soft spot for the company from Vicenza and we’ve built a great relationship with them over the years so it was a logical step for us to design a trip around them and including the Granfondo Roma.

When you step off the plane in Rome, ready for a week’s cycling, the Italian experience can’t get any more, well, Italian.  Just riding the Granfondo around the streets of Rome is a surreal experience – it’s probably one of the few occasions it’s actually safe to ride a bike in the city.  The trip also takes in the Apennine mountains as well as giving you the chance to climb Monte Grappa and Monte Cesen, scenes of famous Giro d’Italia victories from many a Campagnolo rider.

There’s enough cycling, Campagnolo and Italian Culture to fill a college thesis

To have a true understanding of what Campagnolo is, what it represents and where it comes from you almost have to go through a rite of passage of sorts. Sure, you can read the stories and legends in books and magazines, see pictures on the internet and even use their products, but this trip will not leave you indifferent. It’s an experience that leaves tired legs and a tested soul, that excites the senses as well as the mind and that gives access to experiences previously available only to campagnolo employees and select members of cycling press.

And then there’s that famous corkscrew or Cavatappi as it’s really called. It’s worth the trip to the factory just to get hold of one.

Check out the Campagnolo Experience trip running next October 2017.

Granfondo Roma

On this trip you get assured VIP entry to the Granfondo Roma

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Cheers to Campagnolo

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You get to see the inner workings of product development

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