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Why Thomson Bike Tours


1. The Bike Rides

Way above my expectations. The organisation is simply fantastic and the motto of the team is 'we ride' which is what it is all about. All the money in the world could not buy the experience and I am already planning my next trip!

Daniel Venderkemp – Singapore :: 2014 KOM Giro d'Italia

Each year we take great pride in offering you the BEST rides in Europe. Compare our bike rides to those of our competitors and you'll find our rides superior in many ways....

  • RIDE MORE: with Thomson Bike Tours you'll ride more than with any other tour operator.
  • MOST CHALLENGING & SPECTACULAR ROUTES: You can always count on Peter to put together the most challenging and spectacular routes in each region (it's difficult to compete with 25 years of local cycling knowledge!)
  • BETTER PREPARED: Compare how well our routes are prepared and documented with those of our competitors. Be wary of vague, unspecific routes!
  • ASK! Be inquisitive and ask us as many questions as possible about our rides then ask our competitors the same questions. Things like making sure that the rides start and finish at the hotel (otherwise you may be spending hours in van transfers!). Check that alternative routes are available if you want to ride less on any given day. Ask for elevation profiles and maps.

2. Support & Organization

Every aspect of the trip was superb from the grand plan to the fine detail. Support, staff, accommodation and food all first class.

Alan Lovejoy – USA :: 2014 Trans-Alps Challenge

TBT demonstrated once again why they are the industry leader in performance cycling vacations. This was my 7th trip and the planning & execution of every detail remains top-notch. Thank you Peter and your staff for a very memorable and rewarding experience. See you in 2015.

Dennis Zuliani – Canada :: 2014 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Enjoy the rides and let us take care of the rest! Our customers are constantly amazed (and forever grateful) at the level of support we provide during the trips.

  • BEST SAG SUPPORT: You'll never be far away from a Thomson Sag Van. Our van drivers are all experienced cyclists and know exactly what you need and when you need it.
  • EXPERIENCED RIDE LEADERS: Each of our ride leaders is an experienced cyclist, fluent in English and the local language and expert at escorting our guests safely around our chosen routes.
  • LOCAL GUEST COORDINATOR: Our guest coordinator is always a "local", completely fluent in English and has often lived in the US. Being "local" always opens the right doors....
  • EXPERIENCED MECHANIC: A qualified, native English speaker mechanic is always on hand to keep your bike in perfect working order.
  • TRIP RECONNAISSANCE: Each of our trips is preceeded by a week-long Staff Reconnaissance Trip. During this week nothing is left uncovered: our staff ride and check out each of the routes, generate elevation profiles, maps and cue sheets and prepare the trip logistics plan.

3. A challenging & fulfilling experience

Trans-Cantabria blew me away with the mix of storybook scenery, quiet roads, and awesome climbs. I loved the way the trip unfolded, taking us from the bucolic hills of Cantabria through terrain of ever increasing ruggedness and severity until the ultimate challenge of the otherworldly Angliru.

Ken Cluff – USA :: Trans-Cantabria Challenge

My first trip with Thomson, not my last! It was fantastic. There is no substitute for passion and excellence, and I found both in abundance when dealing with everyone from Thomson during my spectacular week in the Pyrenees. The trip exceeded my expectations, from start to finish. I want more!

Lynn Coy – USA :: 2014 Tour de France KOM Pyrenees


And finally, we're not content to provide you with the best routes and awesome support.....we want you to return home a better rider and with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.

  • CHALLENGING: Our trips will challenge you to ride like you've never ridden before. Whether it be the challenge of conquering your first famous climb in the Alps or the thrill of a 10-mile descent on a twisting road in the Pyrenees we design bike tours that capture these thrills and challenges.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT: Peter is a master at encouraging you to ride just a "wee" bit beyond your limit giving you a tremendous feeling of satisfaction at the end of every day.
  • ON-THE-BIKE COACHING: ride with Peter and improve all aspects of your cycling. Everyday Peter can be found out there accompanying our riders and he's always available to answer your questions and to provide coaching and guidance whilst on the bike. How many of our competitors offer you the opportunity to ride with the owner of the company...???

But don't take our word for it! Join Peter and staff for an awesome cycling experience with Thomson Bike Tours.

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