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Frequent Rider Program

Thomson Bike Tours is very fortunate to have a very high percentage of repeat riders. Our Frequent Rider Program is designed to reward these repeat riders by offering substantial savings on future trips. To qualify for Frequent Rider Status all you need to do is complete one Thomson Bike Tours trip and you will automatically be subscribed to this wonderful program.

We'd also like to encourage you to introduce your fellow riders to the Thomson Bike Tour experience and the program offers additional incentives for each new rider you refer on one of our trips.

Here's how the program works

  • For each participation in a Thomson Bike Tours trip you'll receive 100 TBT miles.
  • For each new rider you refer to Thomson Bike Tours you'll receive 50 TBT miles.
  • TBT miles can be traded in at any time in exchange for a discount on any Thomson Bike Tour trip.
  • TBT miles are traded at the rate of 10 TBT miles = 1% discount.
  • There is no expiration date for your TBT miles - they're valid for life.
  • TBT miles are non transferable between customers.
  • Our Gran Canaria Training Camp, Gran Fondos, Venture series and private trips are not included in the Frequent Rider Program

Since you are also awarded miles on your discounted trip, essentially this means that after participating in 1 Thomson Bike Tours trip you will always be entitled to a minimum 10% discount on future trips!

Of course there is no obligation to trade in the miles for immediate discount; you can very well keep accumulating your miles until you reach 1000 TBT miles at which point you can trade them in for a free trip!

For more details on our Frequent Rider Program, please call Paul Rogen on 1-888-446-5502.