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What our guests have to say


This is my fourth Thomson trip and I can't wait for the next one. Somehow when I think nothing could get better on a trip, the next journey outdoes the last. Peter has perfected logistics - even in the most difficult of destinations - and builds capable, kind and enthusiastic teams to support riders of all capabilities. The routes are always carefully curated and thoughtful; tough and beautiful, and our accommodations are always tasteful and well-planned. Thank you!

Bronwyn Porter :: 2014 Trans-Portugal

I enjoyed the Portugal trip immenseley and would recommend Thomson Bike Tours to anyone thinking of going. I am already planning for 2015.

Gwynne Axelrod :: 2014 Trans-Portugal

Toni is an excellent trip manager. He is a confident knowledgable leader/manager yet very warm, friendly and fun. He knows when to be professional and serious and when to have fun. The ride leaders were exceptional. Super fun to ride with, very strong and friendly. The van drivers all had great attitudes
and seem to love what they are doing. They ALWAYS had a smile on their faces. I love the entire team!

Roy Chesters :: 2014 Trans-Alps Challenge

Every aspect of the trip was superb from the grand plan to the fine detail. Support, staff, accommodation and food all first class.

Alan Lovejoy :: 2014 Trans-Alps Challenge

Riding in the French Alps has been on my bucket list for some time. I came with high expectations and was impressed with how the Thomson team exceeded them on a daily basis. The little details made all the difference. You guys know how to run a trip! Thank you for the memories.

Peter Franklyn :: 2014 Trans-Alps Challenge

Fantastic trip! Great riding, great planning and the usia fantastic support from Toni and the Thomson team gave us 7 days in heaven. Wish I could do it all over again!

Phillip Glyde :: 2014 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

The Trans Cantabria challenge was an outstanding trip. The scenery, routes, rides support, hotels, and food were absolutely superb. The Angliru is beyond comparison. For more than a decade, I have ridden with Thomson and each trip has been consistently top notch. These trips are amazing!

Jim Cracraft :: 2014 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

The most beautiful cycling I have ever experienced

Joann Lynne :: 2014 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

Thomson Tours exceeded my expectations again with the Trans Cantabria trip. The routes, scenery, and road quality were outstanding. The hotels and meals provided a great insight into the Cantabrian and Asturian culture and cuisine. Thomson delivered again with outstanding ride leaders and support staff who are both highly customer service oriented and immensely enjoy their jobs. Whether it was providing real food at the van stops, pulling us across the flats, or adding lower gears for the Angilru, they were always a step ahead. Most importantly, Thomson creates an environment where it's easy for the riders and trip leaders to quickly bond through the rides and family style meals to form a great atmosphere and camraderie for the week. Thanks again!

Bob Goland :: 2014 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

Trans-Cantabria blew me away with the mix of storybook scenery, quiet roads, and awesome climbs. I loved the way the trip unfolded, taking us from the bucolic hills of Cantabria through terrain of ever increasing ruggedness and severity until the ultimate challenge of the otherworldly Angliru.

Ken Cluff :: 2014 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

TBT demonstrated once again why they are the industry leader in performance cycling vacations. This was my 7th trip and the planning & execution of every detail remains top-notch. Thank you Peter and your staff for a very memorable and rewarding experience. See you in 2015.

Dennis Zullani :: 2014 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

The Trans Dolomites is a monster and it is enough to just survive from one day to the next. However, Peter and his team continue to exceed expectations with a superior service delivery. The whole team works together as a unit to deliver on a first class experience. Thanks again for an unforgettable experience.

David Hill :: 2014 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

The trip was well organized and complimented with exceptional support staff. 10+ in my books

Jeff Lern :: 2014 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Thomson trips are unrivaled in terms of a combination of challenging terrain, great destinations and excellent support.

Harold Kamins :: 2014 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

This trip was my first and now that I have completed I know why there are many returning riders. The Thompson team catered to is and made us feel special, the mountains were hard to climb but every inch of them was thoroughly enjoyed. I took hundreds of pictures to remember the trip, everyone who has seen them are in aww of the beauty. This was my first trip but not my last!

Frank Del Ferro :: 2014 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Mind bending scenery, wonderful people, and excellent food combined with the most challenging cycling experience I've ever had. Perfecto!

Bevan Ackerman :: 2014 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

A superb experience with excellent support on all fronts. Great meeting and riding with people from other countries.

Robert Hawkins :: 2014 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Every aspect of the tour was first-rate. This was my first Thomson trip, and it exceeded my expectations.

Kim Kortz :: 2014 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Thomson takes riders from all over, mixes in unique and skilled staff, and uses their experience and passion to ensure you leave with memories and images that will last forever.

Dan and Patty Hall :: 2014 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

This was my third trip with Thomson. The routes are excellent,the support is great. All I had to do is show up and ride,everything else was taken care of.

Phillip Levy :: 2014 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Epic! A true taste of what it is like to ride like a pro!

Paul Birck :: 2014 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Way above my expectations. The organisation is simply fantastic and the motto of the team is 'we ride' which is what it is all about. All the money in the world could not buy the experience and I am already planning my next trip.

Daniel Vanderkemp :: 2014 Giro d’Italia King of the Mountains

Very professional and great support. All I had to do was ride my bike!

Scott Paulman :: 2014 Giro d’Italia King of the Mountains

This was a great training camp. The Island's terrain was challenging and the weather was nearly perfect. Our guides were simply superb. I would love to return to Gran Canaria

Sue & Craig Moerer :: 2014 Gran Canaria Training Camp

A trip of a lifetime. I will never forget the spired mountains, plunging canyons, crushing hills and soaring descents. I left it all on Gran Canaria.

Aaron Bevington :: 2014 Gran Canaria Training Camp

This Gran Canaria trip was probably the best single week of riding in my life (and I have probably ridden 50,000 miles). The climbs were HARD as advertised and the scenery was incredible. Thomson's ride leaders were such
a pleasure to ride with - great personalities and a wealth of information. Can't imagine a better-run and more fun riding experience. But bring LOW gears to Gran Canaria - the climbs are the hardest out there!

Ed Fine :: 2014 Gran Canaria Training Camp

I was really impressed with the level of preparation and support. The ride and route selection was great and challenging. What made the trip was the professionalism, friendliness, passion and joy that your great staff have as they shared this amazing experience with the participants. They are your best asset!

John Whitley :: 2014 Gran Canaria Training Camp

Gran Canaria is an almost perfect location for a mid-winter training camp: ideal weather and extensive opportunities to climb. Combined with Thomson Tours' superlative level of service, it is difficult to imagine a better reason to travel to Europe in the bleakest months of the year.

Sherry Masury :: 2014 Gran Canaria Training Camp

I've told everybody back home that Valley of the Tears was the hardest ride I've done in my life. I still think that is true, but I'll be back soon to ride it again and see if it's as hard as I remember. The Thomson staff on this trip was truly the "A-Team". Great people, great location, amazing trip.

Hans Kerres :: 2014 Gran Canaria Training Camp

Gran Canaria is a spectacular biking destination: near-perfect weather and challenging rides in dramatic, beautiful surroundings. No wonder it is becoming such a draw for avid cyclists.

Matt Tanner :: 2014 Gran Canaria Training Camp

I got what I wanted. Get up, climb, eat, have fun, repeat...

Dwight Johnson :: 2014 Pyrenees Challenge Private Trip

This is my 3rd trip with Thomson Bike Tours--My 1st being back in 2004 and each trip has been truly amazing. From the Tour, to Lake Cuomo area and The Pyrenees. Your staff is wonderful, the riding is great I can only say Thanks Every time I finish a trip I can only say I truly feel like I accomplished something.

Richard Korby :: 2014 Pyrenees Challenge Private Trip

Thomson offers trips for real cyclists that offer an epic challenge of a lifetime. The routes are daunting, but fabulous. The accommodations are top notch and the experience is unforgettable.

Joseph Baumgaertner :: 2014 Pyrenees Challenge Private Trip

Awesome, beautiful roads, beautiful scenary, excellent staff. An A+++ trip. Looking forward to the next one!

Rowland Mayor :: 2014 Pyrenees Challenge Private Trip

As an ex racer, and with more than 40 years of extensive riding, this trip was delightful - so much so that my wife even got "hooked" onto cycling. Bravo!

Charles Fuenzalida :: 2014 Pyrenees Challenge Private Trip

Relentless! It got harder every day but so did I. A true challenge and an amazing experience. Great routes, great climbs and great views supported by an excellent, fun and fit team. Absolutely spectacular!

Robb Sebastian :: 2014 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Epic trip! Exceeded my expectations!

Ian Kendal :: 2014 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

This trip was absolutely amazing, the riding was some of the best if not the best I have ever experienced and the
views were worth every drop of sweat. The Thomson crew were great and I would love to join them on another
trip in the future.

Lane Lawrence :: 2014 Tour de France: King of the Mountain Alps

Australia is about as far from France as you can get and travelling there is an ordeal. Notwithstanding, the experience offered by TBT made it all worthwhile. The rides, the hire bikes, the accommodation and ground transport all came together to make for a truly unforgettable experience. Watching TdF on TV will never be the same from here on. My final comments, though, relate to Peter and his team. Their professionalism and genuine friendliness put the seal on a wonderful holiday.

Geoff Fisher :: 2014 Tour de France: King of the Mountain Pyrenees

All expectations of my 1st Thomson's Tour were blown away on every level! No expense was spared, and the professionalism and integrity of the Thomson crew was unsurpassed. To say this trip was unforgettable would be an understatement. The pure logistics, the race viewing tents, the effort put into every day's itinerary, the friendliness of every ride leader, the energy and enthusiasm of everyone .... was just spectacular ! And the TDF finish in Paris ... was just mind blowing and the ultimate highlight and finish to a sensational week !! Thank you Team Thomson and hope to see you all for the Giro 2015 :-)

Robert Bennet :: 2014 Tour de France: King of the Mountain Pyrenees

Ironic that the trip of a lifetime will be the first of many trips of a lifetime.

Eric Widra :: 2014 Tour de France: King of the Mountain Pyrenees

My first trip with Thomson, not my last! It was fantastic. There is no substitute for passion and excellence, and I found both in abundance when dealing with everyone from Thomson during my spectacular week in the Pyrenees. The trip exceeded my expectations, from start to finish. I want more!

Lynn Coy :: 2014 Tour de France: King of the Mountain Pyrenees

Fantastic! We have not had so much fun in along time! The whole trip from the planning, to being on the trip and
everything inbetween was just great. The staff were wonderful, helpful and knowledgable and happy to chat and
answer questions, which just enhanced the overall experience. We could not have asked for anything more.

Kris Winnet :: 2014 Tour de France Alps VIP Spectator Experience

Thomson Bike Tours Spectator Trip exceeded all expectations!! Great Tour De France Alps stages!! Jacinta, our hostess was sooo fun. Thank you for memories that will last a lifetime!!

James Kirkham :: 2014 Tour de France Alps VIP Spectator Experience

This trip exceeded our expectations, we love the Tour and wanted to experience the event in all it's glory, without the hassle. As we don't speak French and had limited time, this tour was perfect. Thanks Thomsons we had a great time and we look forward to enjoying your company again in the future.

Sandy & Tony Robinson :: 2014 Tour de France Alps VIP Spectator Experience

I found the TDF VIP Spectator tour was exceptional value for money, and all aspects of the tour exceeded my expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Thomson Bike Tours to any other cycling enthusiasts.

Greg Curnow :: 2014 Tour de France Pyrenees VIP Spectator Experience

I cannot say enough about Thompson Bike Tours.We did the Spectator trip and every moment was exciting. Staff, especially Jacinta and Jordy made the whole experience more than memorable. It truly was an "experience", not a tour.

Cindi Gorenc-Darin :: 2014 Tour de France Pyrenees VIP Spectator Experience

Great spectator trip with excellent viewing and no hassles. Experienced the atmosphere and saw many aspects of the race in a fun and interesting way. Thompson staff took care of everything. Well done to the team!

Peter & Charlotte Malcolm :: 2014 Tour de France Pyrenees VIP Spectator Experience

The TdF spectator trip exceeded all expectations and I would highly recommend it to family and friends. Thomson has a great relationship with the Tour which means great access and getting up close and personal with the tour. Everything from accommodation to guides was five star. I'll definitely be joining Tomsons on another tour in the future.

Christopher Curnow :: 2014 Tour de France Pyrenees VIP Spectator Experience

The experience was outstanding. Having the opportunity to ride some of the great climbs was a life memory. The support to accomplish these rides was beyond expectation. Great trip. I want to go again.

Ruben Cintron :: 2014 Tour de France Pyrenees VIP Cycling

I have been on some great trips--this was certainly the best trip in 10 years! Great mix of biking and tour viewing and incredible VIP access to the start, end and during different stages. Way, way beyond expectation. A live band on Hautacam, really? Just incredible!

Tom Hamilton :: 2014 Tour de France Pyrenees VIP Cycling

The VIP Cycling Experience was so much more than I ever expected it to be. The riding and hospitality was beyond first class, and truly was an amazing experience. There are trips that you go on to cross off your list, and
then there are trips that make such an impression, that you are compelled to go back. This VIP Experience was definitely the latter of the two.

Antonio Poubel :: 2014 Tour de France Pyrenees VIP Cycling

If some one is thinking of getting into the bike tour business, Peter Thomson and his team are the bar, absolute passion and perfection.

Eugene Beck – South Africa:: 2013 Giro d'Italia

I have had three trips with Thomson Bike Tours and each time I have been made to feel very special by Peter and all of the TBT team. Great organization, great hotels great ride leaders mechanics and drivers. I look forward to riding again with TBT.

Westly Windsor – Australia :: 2013 Giro d'Italia

Another excellent adventure with TBT! Having been on 5 previous trips with TBT in France, Italy and Switzerland, this Trans-Cantabria trip continued the legacy with which Peter and his team are renowned; great hospitality, unrivalled support and fantastic cycling routes. Thank you for the wonderful memories and I look forward to seeing you again next year!.

Dennis Zuliani – Canada :: 2013 Trans-Cantabria

This was the fifth trip for Linda and me. Our best trip ever with Thomson. The genius of Thomson Bike Tours is in the details - carefully planned riding days, beautiful surroundings every day, memorable accomodations, delicious regional meals, and attentive staff with a high staff:client ratio. Trip met and exceeded all expectations of having a tremendous riding challenge and a delightful cultural experience of northern Spain. We will be back again for more adventure. thanks again to peter and the entire Thomson crew!

Arne Michalson –USA :: 2013 Trans-Cantabria

This was my first experience with TBT having been on other organized cycling tours with another company. My experience far exceeded my expectations largely attributed to the quality, professionalism, energy, passion and enthusiasm of all those involved in providing the experience. The Tour Leaders were all consistently outstanding ensuring that every care and support was provided to each and everyone of us. The cycling and terrain was truly spectacular with great quiet roads and scenery that was captivating. The accommodation and meals were high quality and the locations for our stays just perfect. The evenings with the team was also great...all were very engaging and ensured lots of laughs and fond memories of our time spent together. I can now understand why others on our trip had been on previous trips with TBT three or more times. Having Peter on the team and actively involved also provides for an engaging and personal touch...great to see the owner not sitting in an office but actively engaging with his clients and his own team of tour leaders etc.

Mary Lindores – Australia :: 2013 Trans-Cantabria

Taking a Thomson trip is like going home to see family. Peter Thomson and his staff welcome you with open arms. I cannot say enough about the great service one gets on a Thomson trip. I am already booked for September 2014!.

Cosimo Crupi – Canada :: 2013 Trans-Cantabria

The trip was great. The rides were challenging but doable. The scenery was amazing. The support staff was great. Can't wait till I can do it all again in some other beautiful venue.

Judy Fujita – USA :: 2013 Trans-Alps

Challenging route, iconic climbs...checked off several items on the cycling bucket list. Extraordinary level of support and attention to rider needs .

Mike McCarley– USA :: 2013 Trans-Alps

Really amazing trip. Could be put into a category of once in a lifetime but hopefully not. I want some more! .

Jared Ward – USA :: 2013 Trans-Alps

We had a great week in the Alps. The rides were very well planned and supported, and the crew was excellent in accommodating a broad range of riders so that everyone, regardless of strengths, preferences, and goals, could get the most out of the trip.

Jim Rupert – Canada :: 2013 Trans-Alps

Amazing support for spectacular rides. Incredible attention to detail to make sure that the experience was sensational.

Caroyln Brown– Canada :: 2013 Trans-Alps

The trip was simply one of the most incredible experiences of my life. It was the most physically demanding AND most physically rewarding challenges I've faced...and that's with months of hard training in preparation. The ride leaders and staff are SECOND TO NONE and the routes, scenery, logistics, planning are all exceptional. Thank you for being the absolute best in the business and I can't wait for trip #2 (of many, many, many to come)..

Seth Kaufman– USA :: 2013 Trans-Alps

Fantastic. I am 65 years old and was the second oldest on the trip. My goal(achieved) was to ride the entire way. The leaders were superb and the enthusiasm and help of the van drivers was very helpful. I want to go again.

Bill Glahn – USA :: 2013 Trans-Pyrenees

I really enjoyed my second trip with Thomson tours. Everything from the guides to the routes was first rate. I am excited for the next one!

Matthew Chappel – USA :: 2013 Trans-Pyrenees

Trip was excellent. The route, logistics, ride support, food, and personnel all were first class. This allowed the riders to enjoy the riding and not worry about anything else. Great trip!

Robert Chappel – USA :: 2013 Trans-Pyrenees

I've been on five Thomson bike trips, the Trans-Pyrenees was the best! I loved the variety of rides and hotels. The Thomson crew is amazing, seeming to accomodate every ride level, special need, language, sense of humor, etc. Highlight of my season, I'm looking forward to next year's trip, whatever that ends up being.

Brad Cooley – USA :: 2013 Trans-Pyrenees

Out of the three TBT trips I've been on since 2004, this one was by far my favorite. The evolution of Thomson Bike Tours over the past decade has been amazing, getting nothing but better and better with each passing year. The super smooth trip logistics, amazing bike routes, and personable staff have combined to make Thomson the premier European bike tour company out there. I'm a TBT'er for life!

Duncan Chapman – USA :: 2013 Trans-Pyrenees

The Trans Pyrenees trip greatly exceeded my expectations. The itinerary, the arrangements, the rental bike, and the quality of the support staff and ride leaders was outstanding. More importantly, the group bonded very quickly creating a very family like atmosphere with lots of support and encouragement from the other riders and the staff. I really appreciated the diligence that went into the route planning, the familiarity of the staff with the roads, and the creativity of the ride leaders in making each day fun and challenging.

Bob Goland – USA :: 2013 Trans-Pyrenees

The Dolomites are spectacular and the riding was tough but the ride leaders and support vehicles were exceptional and were there every time I needed them. Great company with a focus on safety and good cycling and I will be booking with Thomson again.

Nathan Hall – Australia :: 2013 Trans-Dolomites

The Trans-Dolomite Sept Tour was a very professionally ran tour that tested a riders ability. The staff were so encouraging and made the challenges achievable for me. The biggest disappoint was to say goodbye at the end after sharing my dreams with people/staff that genuinely care. Regards,

Franco Gomboso – Australia :: 2013 Trans-Dolomites

This was my first Thomson trip & I had high expectations. I was certainly not disappointed. It was the best supported ride trip I have done. I can see why you have so many repeat customers.

Warren Foreman – Australia :: 2013 Trans-Austrian Alps

I love all of my Thomson Tour vacations (about 6 now). Each trip has been a unique addition to my life experiences. I learn, enjoy, am humbled and expand my world view. I particularly love the fellow travelers.

Gwynne Axelrod – USA :: 2013 Trans-Austrian Alps

Peter just keeps one-upping himself. If he builds it we will come!

Mike Dunn – USA :: 2013 Trans-Austrian Alps

Thomson has done it again, spectacular climbs, spectacular views with great hotels and a highly professional staff that made the entire experience positively unforgettable.

Joe Claxton – USA :: 2013 Trans-Austrian Alps

Austria is stunning! This was my 9th trip with TBT and this trip ranks among the best. Peter finds great routes, challenging climbs, excellent hotels and his staff are extremely attentive and helpful.

Jim Cracraft – USA :: 2013 Trans-Austrian Alps

The rides were steep and challenging, the scenery spectacular and the company great, thanks to all the riders and TBT staff! .

Peter Franklyn – Australia :: 2013 Trans-Austrian Alps

I have been on trips with many companies in the past. Thomson's on-ride support is the best of all. There is no better company for those looking for a high-performance trip.

Alex Rosas – USA :: 2013 Trans-Lombardy

Once again this bike trip provided everything you could ask for: challenging climbs, great scenery, excellent logistics and accommodations and without a doubt the best people in the tour bike business.

Thomas Andersen – USA :: 2013 Trans-Lombardy

Excellent trip!! The rides were challenging and the race viewing was outstanding. The logistics for putting this trip together were mind boggling, I am sure, but the results were magnificent. Great job! Great riding experience! Great race viewing! Trip of a lifetime!

Michael Marquardt – USA :: 2013 Tour de France Alps

Thomson Bike Tours literally composed a trip of a lifetime. From excruciating (yet fun) climbs of monumental passes of the Tour de France, to wonderful staff personnel to relate to and converse with, this trip was everything I could've asked for and more. Very well planned, communicated, and executed and I will definitely be back!

Sarah Elbing – USA :: 2013 Tour de France Alps

If you are a serious cyclist hoping to see Le Tour and tackle some of its most epic rides, Thomson Bike Tours is the only choice.

Brian Brodrick – USA :: 2013 Tour de France Pyrenees

Another outstanding trip! The riding, scenery, and overall experience top notch! In the end though, it's all about the new friends you meet and the life stories we all share. Love the bike, but more importantly LOVE people and at TBT you feel it! Thanks, can't wait to come back for more!.

Paul Elbing – USA :: 2013 Tour de France Alps

Been to the TDF 9 times with Thomson. That says it all. An excellent mix of viewing, eating and riding.

Neal Thomas – USA :: 2013 Tour de France Alps

Incredible rides, amazing staff, an excellent challenge. Just what I hoped it would be.

Meredith Piotrow – USA :: 2013 Tour de France Alps

I always wanted to ride through the French Alps and to experience the Tour De France. To be able to combine these two aspirations was fantastic. After experiencing the TDF with Thomson's I don't think there is a better way to experience the TDF. You get to feel what the tour riders feel riding up the Cols with people cheering you on and then when you get to the top The Thomson hospitality tent is there to unwind eat, drink and soaked up the race atmosphere. It's a cyclists heaven, I don't think any other bike tour operator company could top the Thomson's tour experience. You just ride and everything else just falls into place seamlessly. I wouldn't even consider doing another bike tour holiday with anyone other than Thomson's!

Mark Jones – Australia :: 2013 Tour de France Ventoux, Alps

Seeing the Tour de France was a dream of mine. Thomson Bike Tours made my dream come true! Truly loved the staff: all very knowledgeable, personable, and professional. My dream trip would not have been the same without the staff. The rides were everything I imagined and more. Great, challenging climbs with spectacular views. With unexpected detours, Thomson Bike Tours did an amazing job accommodating the changes to ensure they met their clients' expectations.

Linda Claire Willits – USA :: 2013 Tour de France Pyrenees

Incredible. I already booked myself, my husband for next year.

Cathy Shanks – USA :: 2013 Tour de France Pyrenees

The most riding I've ever done in a week and the legs couldn't be happier! Over 600 km, nearly 14,000 m of climbing and two stages of the Tour, what could be better? The ride leaders were engaging and a blast to ride with, Peter joined us on a few occasions (and put us all to shame) and the support vans were always nearby. Sergi, perched on the roof of the van, cheering us on as we neared the summit of the Tourmalet is an image that will stick with me for a long time. If you want to ride the climbs and see the sights I don't think you could find a better tour. Highly recommended.

Greg Burnison – Canada :: 2013 Tour de France Pyrenees

It's easy to see why Thomson Bike tours have so many returning customers. The level of service they offer to their guests is amazing. I'm sure I'll be one of those returning customers from now on.

Benjamin Culton – Australia :: 2013 Tour de France Pyrenees, Ventoux & Alps

This was an exceptional experience and one which will live long in my memories. Well looked after by Thompson team and we got access to places and people that most mere mortals can only dream about!! Will be back to experience this again! – Phil Western.

Phil Western – Australia :: 2013 Tour de France Spectator Alps & Paris

I would describe this trip as amazing and a trip of a lifetime. We could never have gotten so close to the action if we tried to follow the Tour on our own. The staff, especially Jacinta, was so helpful, knowledgeable and hilarious! Apart from watching the cyclists, the scenery and the mountain towns were breathtaking! The accommodations and food were very good and the spectators we met in the group were wonderful. Overall, I can't say enough about this trip. It was worth every penny!

Aubri Sheremet – USA :: 2013 Tour de France Spectator Alps & Paris

I thought everything was outstanding... from viewing pleasure, food, tour was a first rate experience!.

Jay Morrison – USA :: 2013 Tour de France Spectator Alps & Paris

Thomson's could not have done more to before, during or after the trip to make it an enjoyable, challenging experience. I however should have done more before because they were some tough days

Vaughn Thomas – Australia :: 2012 Giro d'Italia Trip

Giro 2012, mind blowing scenery, leg breaking climbs, belly aching laughs, Pro racers within your grasp... you couldn't want for more on a cycle tour! Thanks Pete and TBT

Paul Fullwood – Australia :: 2012 Giro d'Italia Trip

You treat us as pros. We even get the "sticky bottle" help on the hills. All we need at the end of the trip is a podium and to be able to spray a magnum of champagne. Thanks for a 5 star trip.

Tracy Marais – Australia :: 2012 Giro d'Italia Trip

I will revert with a testimonial at a time when I can tone down the superlatives I currently feel about TBTs !!!!

Michael Beavis – Australia :: 2012 Giro d'Italia Trip

This was my first TBT tour and I had a fantastic time. The rides, support, bikes, accommodations and the tour leaders were all first rate. I will definitely come back for more.

Peter Greentree – Australia :: 2012 Giro d'Italia Trip

I have toured with other groups, in other sports. I always look to the guides to set the pace and have local knowledge of the area, weather, food, routes etc......I know that all I need to do is just show up and be ready to ride because Thomson Bike Tours has done the rest! You have proven to me that you will always provide a top quality trip and that you are always working to improve, that's impressive to me. Thomson Bike Tours is the complete package when it comes to cycle trips! Thank you Eric & John for a great week of experiences on and off the bike, I honestly feel like you were looking out for me and created experiences I will never forget!"

Tracy Christensen – UT, USA :: 2012 Tour of Lombardy

This was my fifth trip with Thomson and it lived up to the expectations which I had from previous trips. Having ridden with three other tour companies in Europe, I can say that Thomson is the best I have experienced. I will be back.

Jim Beamish – ON, Canada :: 2012 Tour of Lombardy

Very impressed with the trip and would happily recommend to friends. The staff were excellent. Eric for his attention to detail and leadership, Sergi for his wonderful attitude and eagerness to provide a great service and Jim for professionalism and willingness to help. I'm think of booking the Giro trip in May.

Dan Palmer – Australia :: 2012 King of the Mountains > France Alps

A sensational trip that has given me lifetime memories. I was impressed at every level, especially the professionalism displayed by all the Thomson crew. I could not recommend it higher for the rider that likes a challenge.

Paul Griscti – Australia :: 2012 King of the Mountains > France Alps

Thomson Bike Tours is the best in the business. The Extreme Alps Trip was the most fun I've had on the bike in 20 years of cycling. The routes are full of amazing views and the staff is top notch. I've already put a deposit down on next years trip and will be bringing more people with me. I can't wait for our next adventure!

Matt Tanner – IN, USA :: 2012 King of the Mountains > France Alps

This trip has left a lasting impression on me. With the support of your staff, I was able to take on challenges that I might have otherwise thought were out of reach for an average cyclist from the flats of Kansas.

Kirk Marty – KS, USA :: 2012 King of the Mountains > France Alps

The trip was fantastic. One of the truly great vacations I have had.

Mark Baumli – CA, USA :: 2012 King of the Mountains > France Alps

The 2012 TDF Alps Performance Trip was amazing! The rides were challenging, the scenery and views were breathtaking, and the TDF experience was unforgettable! The Thomson team did an incredible job!

Byron Rice – CO, USA :: 2012 King of the Mountains > France Alps

It's every cyclists pipedream to ride the same bitumen as our cycling heroes. Kudos to the whole Thomson tour crew for living up to that responsibility and making the trip so fantastic. Congratulations and thank you.

Matt Dalling – Australia :: 2012 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

Absolutely top notch trip in all respects. The sizes of rider groups was especially good when you see other groups departing in coach loads!!

John Fitz-Gibbon – Australia :: 2012 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

Peter and staff. You have many testimonials on the web site. All are true. Stu said you were and run a first class operation and you are and you do. It was seemless from start to finish in all ways. I will be back as many times as I can swing it.

BJ Plummwe – Australia :: 2012 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

best summed up by the fact that I will be back and a bit fitter next time too.

Robert Oliver – New Zealand :: 2012 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

Once again Peter & his team have had all the aces up their sleeves - brilliant rides, brilliant ride leaders & brilliant viewing points - this is my second time & already planning the Giro with Thomson Tours

stuart faulkner – Australia :: 2012 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

An unbelievable trip designed for riders who do not mind a challenge and love to ride. The scenery is spectacular, accommodation excellent and organisation very professional. I will be back for certain.

Paul Griscti – Australia :: 2012 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

Highly recommended. Thomson always delivers on a solid, well-executed, cycling trip for the cyclist that prioritizes daily rides, but also expects a real vacation experience.

Rick Call – TX, USA :: 2012 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

Overall was a fantastic experience. Getting 1 week to ride in the Pyrenees during the TDF was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and Thomson didn't dissapoint. Very well organised logistics, fun and very friendly staff. I've already started negotiations with my family for another trip.

mike haig – AB, Canada :: 2012 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

It was a trip of a lifetime! And every hope I had about the trip was pretty much fulfilled. I met Paul and Phil -- the Tour de France TV commentators. I got to get in with all the other crazy fans on the Col de Peyresourde. I got up close to my favorite racers: Wiggo, Jens, Cav, Vinno, and Cadel to name just a few near their buses and along the route. I got to scream ALLEZ, ALLEZ and make lots of noise with hundreds of other fans along the route. I saw absolutely beautiful French countryside, quaint villages and stunning views in the Pyrenees. And I met wonderful fellow race enthusiasts on my Thomson Bike Tour.

Stephanie Lachmann – NC, USA :: 2012 Tour de France Pyrenees to Paris VIP Spectator Trip

We thoroughly enjoyed this tour which brought us up close to the action of tour. The organisation was great with fine hotels, meals, and very skilled and helpful support staff. Most importantly we enjoyed a great camaraderie with all the others in our group.

Paul Dickins – Australia :: 2012 Tour de France Pyrenees to Paris VIP Spectator Trip

We had a fabulous time on the Thomson spectator trip. We travelled with a great bunch of fellow cycling enthusiasts. The trip was a great quality experience that we will remember and recommend to others.

2012 Tour de France Pyrenees to Paris VIP Spectator Trip

I was very impressed, I wasn't sure how it was all going to work but it just did! We were always kept up to date with changes or times. I'm planning to do it again next year! Thanks everyone!"

Samantha Ince – Australia :: 2012 Tour de France Pyrenees to Paris VIP Spectator Trip

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. It was extremely well organised Our host Jacinta was amazing and jordie and scott did a great job too.

Catriona Macdonald – Australia :: 2012 Tour de France Pyrenees to Paris VIP Spectator Trip

I was having to come up with new words every day when calling home, my wife had heard beautiful, spectacular and trip of a life time enough! I'll be back for sure!!

Dan Patterson – CA, USA :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

This trip was better than I had expected. The Thomson team was excellent, the accommodations were great, and the routes were very impressive. I have, and will continue to, recommend Thomson Bike Tours to other cyclists. Can't wait to see you all again!

Lino Durante – ON, Canada :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

This was my second trip, it surpassed the great experience that I had on my first one. Already looking forward to my next trip.

Will Bashan – CO, USA :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

The Trans Alps trip exceeded my expectations. The only problem with the trip is that it had to come to an end. I am already planning and looking forward to my 2013 Thomson bike tours trip.

Cosimo Crupi – ON, Canada :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

An incredible supported opportunity to bag a ton of famous cols and experience a beautiful part of the world. Thanks again Peter.

Paul Kuefler – AZ, USA :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

Great trip and very well managed! Spectacular route and views of the Alps. It is impossible to put together a better supported ride. Thomson Tours did a super job in all areas and I had a great experience. Thanks Peter and the staff for a wonderful ride!

Jesus Hernandez – CA, USA :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

Great ride, challenging but terrific support.

Gordon Neil – Australia :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

This truly lived up to my expectation of being a once in a life time "Bucket List" event. The Alps are an awesome place to ride and Thomson Bicycle Tours puts together an inspired route and support team to ensure everyone gets the most out of the trip. Looking forward to the next bicycling adventure with Peter and his team.

Greg Ellison – CO, USA :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

The level of individual service and attention was fabulous and especially impressive for a group as large as we were this year. Great system, great team and great execution.

Steven Southworth – CO, USA :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

Simply the best cycling tour I've ever experienced. The routes and the rides were well researched, spectacular and challenging. The ride leaders and tour support staff were all top notch experienced professionals. Thanks for a great week.

Rick Solano – VA, USA :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

Each Thomson bike tour is an experience to be remembered for a lifetime. Great fun, amazing scenery, inspiring people. There is no better way to experience a country.

Arlo Ellison – CT, USA :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

Peter and his entire crew were topnotch. always greeted you with a smile, can do attitude and more than knowledgeable about the task at had. the entire week went off without a hitch from start to finish, the rides were the most challenging i have ever accomplished, and gave me a new appreciation for the sport of cycling. I am already making plans as to which ride i will do next year!! thanks for a week beyond expectations!!!

Don Fouts – CA, USA :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

Another fantastic trip with TBT. Challenging riding, great company and superb organisation made for a simply magic week. I couldn't have asked for more. Looking forward to my trip with Peter and the team!

Michael Anderson – NY, USA :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

Classic trip. I can't thank you enough for a week of nothing but beautiful views, great people and a chance to decompress from "real life" for a while.

Noah Hawk – GA, USA :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

This is our second trip with Peter Thomson, and we are totally hooked. Don't get me wrong, it's very hard work and we certainly trained hard for our "vacation," but somehow the staff makes it all less painful by their wonderful attitudes and encouragement. How often can you really say you had another "trip of a lifetime?

Shannon Baird – VA, USA :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

I did the Pyrenees trip three years ago. As with that trip, I finished with a sense of having really accomplished something. The support was flawless, allowing me to just focus on enjoying the trip and riding my bike.

Harold Kamins – CT, USA :: 2012 Trans-Alps Challenge

Fantastic trip. If I don`t move there, I will at least repeat this trip several more times.

Eric Helander – CO, USA :: 2012 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

The Trans-Lombardy trip was an amazing experience - spectacular mountains, fantastic routes, outstanding support, and great riders - who could ask for more? This was my 8th trip with Peter and was certainly one of my favorites.

Jim Cracraft – MA, USA :: 2012 Trans-Lombardy Challenge

No surprises, we knew we would get some great rides in. This was maybe our hardest Thomson trip yet! Looking forward to next year in ?Austria?

Sue & Craig Moerer – OR, USA :: 2012 Trans-Lombardy Challenge

That trip will stay in my mind for a long time. This is the best way to push our limits and to share our passion with people like you.

Annie St-Onge – QC, Canada :: 2012 Trans-Lombardy Challenge

This was my fifth year with Thomson. This was the best trip of all of them. I love Italy; the scenery, the food, the climbs. The rides were challenging and personally rewarding. I am definitely coming back to Lombardy!

David Pick – AB, Canada :: 2012 Trans-Lombardy Challenge

This was my 3rd trip with Thomson and once again he delivered a well organized, challenging, first class week of riding. No one does it better than Peter and his superb team!

Eric Fu – Hong Kong :: 2012 Trans-Lombardy Challenge

I would recommend this trip to anyone who loves to cycle. I had one of the most wonderful weeks and the beauty was that I could just turn off my brain and let TBT do the work. I was able to focus 100% on my cycling and new friends. I returned really spoiled.

Walid Abuhaidar – :: 2012 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Excellent trip, exceeded my expectations by far!

Duncan Clarke – Arab Emirates :: 2012 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Everything as promised and much more; a very personal and supportive touch from the staff. Well conceived (challenging rides just the right length for me) and professionally executed. Thank you for the most significant endurance feat of my life; thus far!

Stephen Markowitz – OR, USA :: 2012 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

If you want to experience all the facets and flavors of European cycling and are a serious cyclist I cannot imagine any better company that Thomson's to guide you throughout a dream cycling trip. From route and hotel selections, extremely capable ride leaders and SAG support for pedalling some serious miles, no one does it better.

Joe Claxton – NC, USA :: 2012 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Once again Thomson have delivered another memorable experience. The route, service and experience of the staff were without fault. This was our third trip in a row and have started to plan the next one already. Love it

Neil Rees – Australia :: 2012 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Thomson Bike Tours provides a combination of challenging biking, beautiful terrain, including lots of freely roaming livestock throughout the Pyrenees, great support and experienced guides, high-end rental bikes...they also attract the coolest cyclists from all over the world. Great experience, great people, amazing rides and European ambiance. What an amazing trip...thanks for a wonderful experience and lots of laughs! Jeannette Anderson

Jeannette Anderson – NY, USA :: 2012 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

"I can't stop myself from telling people how well you run your business, every detail of the trip has been carefully thought out from years of experience. I love a well run business and yours is superb! All I had to do was pedal my bike and enjoy the spectacular scenery. I also can't stop myself from telling people what a wonderful, challenging experience I had riding through the Pyrenees. I was one of the weaker riders in the group, but I felt totally supported and encouraged. My boyfriend is a strong rider and rode in the A Group the whole time while I rode in the B Group. We had a great time as a couple on this trip because we could each ride at our own ability level. It worked great for us."

Nancy Stevens – CO, USA :: 2012 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

The scenery and hospitality in Switzerland is magnificent and the superior support provided by the TBT team made the experience even more rewarding. From my very first TBT experience 5 trips ago, the TBT team has provided high standards of logistics and coordination, excellent food and accommodations. A big thank you to all the staff and we'll see you again next year!

Dennis Zuliani – ON, Canada :: 2012 Trans-Swiss Challenge

The trip was fantastic. It exceeded my expectations in every respect. The guides were great, the routes beautiful and challenging and the whole La Vuelta experience and viewing was exceptional.

Darrell Anderson – AB, Canada :: 2012 Vuelta a Espana Trip

This trip blew me away.  I am a repeat customer and it just keeps getting better and better.  The rides were amazing and challenging with unparrelled support all along the way.  Thomson staff is the best- they take care of all questions and concerns with lots of laughing

Erin Fuselier – MO, USA :: 2011 Giro d'Italia Trip

Unbelievable trip! I started thinking about the next trip before this one was over. You guys have set a standard in bike tours that will be hard to top. Will definately see you guys again, soon i hope

Vince Condello – Australia :: 2011 Giro d'Italia Trip

Simply breath-taking, whether it's the scenic views of the Dolomites or extreme effort required to make it to the top of the Zoncolon or Fedaia, the KOM Giro d'Italia trip captured the unique character of Italian climbs that can only be summed up in a singular word--steep.  The gradients encountered tilted the world much higher than those in the Alps or Pyrenees.  And the Thomson Bike Tours team, whether in the form of their top-notch ride leaders or dedicated van support, was there every pedal stroke along the way to get us to the top of each climb.  Thank you for yet another great trip. 

Matt Terry – MO, USA :: 2011 Giro d'Italia Trip

This was the best trip I've ever taken. Accomodations were clean and comfortable. The support staff was friendly, accomodating, and never intrusive.  I will recommend the company frequently and hope to participate in many future trips

Marc Warner – VA, USA :: 2011 Giro d'Italia Trip

Great trip, well organised and a good sense of fun.  Thanks and well done!

Mal Grimmond – Australia :: 2011 Giro d'Italia Trip

This would be the best organised trip if have done and I could not fault any aspect of it. The staff, equipment, organisation and riding were exceptional. The guys at "Thomson" managed to give you the feeling you are part of a global cycling event and experience some of the pain and exhilaration the pro riders experience. I liked the fact that it was a trip aimed at riding - there was certainly a lot of this. I will be back and will certainly recommend them to my friends. Well done guys on making this a memorable trip!

Greg O'Shea – Australia :: 2011 Giro d'Italia Trip

I would not do this type of trip with any other Company. Peter and the staff are amazing. The logisitics of a trip like this are extremly complex and the sign that Thomson Bike Tours has their act together? You never notice all the planning that goes on before, during and after the trip. You guys are the best and I look forward to many other trips with you!!"

Guillermo Garsed – MO, USA :: 2011 Giro d'Italia Trip

If I bang on any more, you guys will get swollen heads. Congratulations for putting on yet ANOTHER great tour. I just love riding with you guys, and never once do I feel uncertain or uncomfortable coming along solo as I do. You just get it right. Every time.

Lindy Hayward – Australia :: 2011 Giro d'Italia Trip

Extremely well organized Tour with very friendly and helpful staff headed by a delightful Scotsman with a wonderful Scottish tongue!! Every thing about the trip was first class

Gerry Morrison – BC, Canada :: 2011 Giro d'Italia Trip

I take my hat off to the staff at Thomson tours as it would be very difficult to organise a big trip with people coming from all corners of the map. I am glad that I made the effort but knew I would struggle after being off the bike for 20 years. Nevertheless it was a truely great experience and caters for all fitness levels. The scenery in the Dolimites and the northern Italian towns is mind blowing and was probably one of the main reasons for coming along. The tour was well planned and thought out and even on the days that didnt go to plan there was always a back up plan, which only comes from experience. This experience is on show for everyone to see and breath and would put peoples minds at ease because I felt so confident in the people running the day to day schedule. The staff are great and friendly and I would like to single out Toni who is an absolute beautiful person and someone to hang onto. The food, the hotels and the locations are breathtaking. It was intriguing to note the amount of riders who were second and third time tour riders which proves that the formula is working well. I met many people from all over and it was interesting to hear what their bike riding experiences were. I would recommend Thomson Bike Tours to anyone now that I have experienced what it is like to ride around for 10 days (my bum doesn't think so) Thank you Peter and team for a truely wonderful lifetime experience that I will never forget and hope that one day we meet again. Thank you and all the best.

Daniel Soci – Australia :: 2011 Giro d'Italia Trip

Once again a fantastic Thomson tour, great ride leaders and support crew, amazing roads and challenging rides. Every aspect of the trip was managed so well and all we had to worry about was riding our bike and conquering the Trans Pyrenees challenge!!!

Michael Coomans – Australia :: 2011 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

A great trip with excellent support, great food and good hotels.  Easily the best week I've spent on my bike! Ride leaders were excellent and the encouragement and support we received from the van drivers, mechanics and ride leads was first class.  This meant that all I had to do was focus on  riding - which meant we had a great riding holiday

Phillip Glyde – Australia :: 2011 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

This was my third trip with Thomson and it is the highlight for the year. The routes are challenging, the scenary spectacular, support outstanding! A great physical experience worth coming back to

Fred Bjornstad – CA, USA:: 2011 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

I thoroughly enjoyed my Thomson experience.  Extremely well organized.  The ride support was excellent.  The Thomson staff were very personable and caring.  I am already planning my next trip with Thomson!"

Cosimo Crupi – ON, Canada :: 2011 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Knowing nothing about Thomson Bike Tours coming in, I was so very impressed with the organization...and the rides themselves were top-notch and magnificent.  I met a lot of great people and plan to add this bike tour as an annual trip.  I will also drag along a few friends next year, too. Thank you!"

Kim Mygatt – CA, USA :: 2011 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

The trans pyrenees challenge was truly an epic ride. First class service and support

Dave Morgan – RI, USA :: 2011 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

An experience that didn't disappoint me, Thomson Tours stood up to and exceeded their reputation. My first trip back to Europe in over 20 years was an absolute delight thanks to Peter and his team .

Stuart Tremain – Australia :: 2011 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Desde el contacto inicial hasta la despedida en el hotel en Barcelona, la atención por parte de su equipo fue exelente. Respecto a la logística para hacer este tipo de recorridos en bicicleta, todo funcionó a la perfección. Por último el punto que considero más importante, siempre me sentí seguro y en buenas manos. Muchas gracias.

Simon Kawa – Mexico :: 2011 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

This was our fourth trip with Thomson and another phenomenal week of cycling.  If you like suffering, there is no one that does it better than Peter and his superb crew.  They are, by far, the best in the business

Michael Berry – NC, USA :: 2011 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

My expectations were exceeded everyday on the Thomson Bike Tour Trans-Pyrenees-Challenge.  The plethora of food, friendly staff, and overall enthusiasm of the touring group were all added benefits to the epic riding on a daily basis.  The only thing I would have liked to change is stay longer!  Thanks to Thomson Bike Tours and Peter for an amazing week I'll never forget

Casey Fallon – CA, USA :: 2011 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Excellent. Prior to the trip, I wasn't convinced a guided road bike trip made sense, now I'm a convert. I was very impressed with the support in general, and with Margaret in particular. She's a rockstar! Love you Margaret!

Peter King – BC, Canada:: 2011 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Once again Thomsons have delivered an extremly challenging tour, as to be expected.  This is my first return trip after France last year and was not dissapointed.  The staff are above exccellent and with the support of the back up vans and managment it was a very envoyable trip. Every thing from hotels to transport to support was managed to a tee.  I will be back!

Neil Rees – Australia :: 2011 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

The trip exceeded all expectations... Without question, the best cycling vacation I have ever been on. Hats off to all and I mean ALL the staff.. the attention to detail was unbelievable... the efficiency of attending to a group this size is not an easy one and they made it seem effortless....

Peter Matalon – Jamaica :: 2011 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

I was impressed with the overall structure and organization of the tour. The ride leaders and support drivers were always encouraging. Choice of route selection was superb. I would readily consider booking another Thomson Bike Tours trip."

Douglas Jensen– NH, USA :: 2011 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Another fabulous ride through the mountains of Europe.  My only question is which trip to do for #4.

Steve Heiss – CO, USA :: 2011 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Thomson is the best.  Super great rides, knowledgeable and friendly staff throughout who gave us every detail of every ride and kept our bikes running great, food and accomodations were first-rate.  All I had to concentrate on was riding my bike, which I had to do a lot of because the rides could not have been a better blend of challenge and spectacular scenery, which is what I paid for.

Kevin Smith – VA, USA :: 2011 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

As a returning customer, I had high expectations of the trans-dolomites. Those expectations were more than met as the Thomson team did everything they could to keep everything running perfectly smooth. I would not hesitate to go on another trip, and am currently wondering "which one next?" For anyone interested in having a good solid week of riding in some of the most picturesque country imaginable, this is a trip that must be considered

Joe Lefort – AB, Canada :: 2011 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

The 2011 Trans-Dolomites Tour had it all! The perfect location, the perfect rides and the Thomson Team were pretty close to perfect too!!! The hotels and food were excellent and the customers were there to ride and enjoy and they did! As you can tell I'm now an entrenched fan after my second TBT!!! Thanks again! Ps: Thanks to Eric,Margaret,Curtis,Kristi,Juan,John,Glenys and Dave(the Welshman!) Regards - The Donkey,Goat,Fox and the Runt!!

Peter Franklyn – Australia :: 2011 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

The whole trip was fantastic- the scenery, the challenging routes, excellent accommodation and meals, and of course the company. The TBT Team were excellent as always and responded superbly to the challenges that were thrown at them throughout the week, a true indicator of a professional outfit. On top of that we had the most inspirational moment in sport since the Aussie 4 x 100 team beat the USA in Sydney Olympics- Big Hugh making it up L'Angliru. A tremendous 8 days."

Richard Williams – Australia :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

Incredible. The trip was like going back in time 500 years when we were on some of the old roads overlooking the villages in the valleys. The views were out of this world and it looked and felt like a fairy tale. Entire trip was a great mix of everything and a real riders paradise. And its always a pleasure to meet people from other countries and become riding buddies with them for a week.

Gary LaRose – ON, Canada :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

Excellent trip experience, another well-thought-out real rider focused trip from Peter's team. Loved riding in a bit of a lesser-known area than the more typical Alps type trips. Looking forward to the VIP route for next year.

Matthew Handford – AB, Canada :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

The terrain was so varied that it took my breath away ...that is the breath i had after climbing ! Beautiful vistas, some of the most friendly people in the world .......great routes and its so great to jump into a trip by myself and be surrounded by great cyclists and wonderful characters....I always make a great connection on these trips with the scenery, and the clients ......i will always have a fond place in my heart for Thomson Tours!!!

Elizabeth Tobin – CT, USA :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

This was our first VIP trip.  We knew from previous experience that we would have challenging routes along with great staff and amazing accommodations.  Having researched other companies, we know we can depend on Thomson Bike Tours to provide a bike experience that won't disappoint.  The routes on this tour put us on little back country roads of Cantabria and Asturias, roads that Peter previously explored to provide an unforgettable experience.  Simply put, if you want to 'ride the bike', and challenge yourself, go with Thomson

Sue and Craig Moerer – OR, USA :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

Lucky Seven!! This was my 7th TBT trip including all the VIP excursions. I found little bits of all the previous trips on this one. Great routes, accomodations, meals. Overall probably the best to date! This is what keeps me coming back for more. Thanks Peter and staff

Mike Dunn – NY, USA :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

The VIP trip was amazing. It included spectacular climbs and great descents. These trips are consistently well organized and the rider does not have to worry about any thing other than how well he or she will perform. Peter - thanks for another fantastic trip

Richard Jones – AB, Canada :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

Another excellent and enjoyable experience. Challenging riding, interesting, unique  and memorable routes, professional organization and support, top rate accomodations and food. What more would a serious amateur cyclist need?!

Andrew Handford – BC, Canada :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

Loads of fun, memorable, just like my previous trip. Superb attention to detail. Amazing that you designed a trip for cyclists of different ages and abilities that restored the fun  factor to those of who are normally too competitive.

Andy Davis – NC, USA :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

Because I had only heard or seen about Lagos de Covadonga and Alto del Angliru, I was taken by surprise by how difficult but enjoyable the rest of the rides on this tour were.  The scenic beauty of the areas we rode through was beyond anything I would have expected, and being from Colorado, USA we have some nice sights.  The absence of traffic on most of the roads was an unexpected blessing.  I could not have ridden with a nicer group of people than the TBT veterans I was with.  And of course the TBT staff were so great!  Helpful, encouraging, patient.  As much as I enjoyed my Trans Pyrenees trip, when I'm old and can't ride anymore, this will be the trip I remember!  Thank you TBT!!!!

Gregory Chaloupka – CO, USA :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

Over the Top…Can't wait till next year!

Ed Fine – USA :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

Best cycling trip ever!  Trans-Cantabria was my 16th European cycling trip and my 6th trip with Thomson Bike Tours.  I have used four different tour operators.  None measure up to the standard set by Peter and his team

Steve Johnston – ON, Canada :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

Thank you. this trip was perfect. the staff are all wonderful, scenery was beautiful, great riding, accomodations were really lovely

Shannon DeHart – NJ, USA :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

It is obvious how much time the entire team spends planning every detail of the trips.   I have gotten into the "annual bike trek" habit and look forward to this break from "real life" each year.  It's a real luxury to do nothing but pedal, knowing the team has taken care of lodging, nutrition (on bike and off) and route planning. And, of course, knowing that someone will mark every decision point so I can't go astray

Melissa Leigh – GA, USA :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

A fantastic week of riding! Great roads, great climbs, great scenery, great company and great food. What more could you ask for!

Eric Fu – Hong Kong :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

Peter, the trip was fantasic.  I'm again impressed by your ability to stitch together such great pictoresque and generally traffic free roads. The scenery and traffic is the most important to me but I was also impressed with the road surfaces.  Left to my own devices (and I've done this before) I would spend a lot of time being lost and on mediocre roads. I enjoyed visiting such a remote part of europe and doing so on a bicycle. Each day was a great workout.  I enjoyed the historical aspect of the hotels.  Toni and Paul are amazingly professional and kind people -  and enjoy the fact that you're pretty funny. Thanks for another magical trip in europe.  I hope to see you again next year

Paul Kuefler – AZ, USA :: 2011 Trans-Cantabria Challenge

We were the slowest of the group, but had a fantastic time. The staff were incredibly friendly, helpful and accommodating.  The rides were superb - well-planned and spectacular

Jim Rupert & Carolyn Brown – BC, Canada :: 2011 Tour de France Pyrenees Trip

This trip was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. The staff to client ratio was amazing, the people were wonderful, the cycling was both beautiful and challenging. I've been recommending it to my friends as a 'bucket list' item!.

Joy Smith – NJ, USA :: 2011 Tour de France Pyrenees Trip

Overall, great trip.  The rides were challenging, the support overall great.  Tom and Tony truly special people who made the trip 10X better and I felt really cared how we were doing.  The people on the trip were fantastic and I wish I could have performed better so I could have ridden with Kim and Tom and Tim more.

Randy Taylor – CO, USA :: 2011 Tour de France Pyrenees Trip

For the second time, I was moved by the dedication of the the leaders and the logistical sophistication of your Tour.  I would recommend Thomson to any dedicated rider who wants to test himself, enjoy beautiful and famous views and excellent camaraderie .

Michael Finlayson – MB, Canada :: 2011 Tour de France Alps Trip

I had a great time on this, my second trip with TBT (did the Trans Pyrenees Challenge 9/2010). Again, greatly impressed by the overall execution of the rides and support logistics, and moreover by the professionalism, flexibility, and friendliness of the staff. Nice hotels and great food. Even the less than ideal weather added to the challenge of the rides.  The viewing stations were great, and kudos to the stalwart staff who braved the snow on Galibier for several days before our arrival so we could chill in style.  Coming down from Galibier and Alpe d'Huez after the TDF stage must be experienced at least once .

Fred Schwartz – CA, USA :: 2011 Tour de France Alps Trip

I could ramble a list of superlatives. Suffice it to say that my trip was more than I could have imagined. The support before, during, and after the riding was just outstanding. Your staff is remarkable in their understanding and encouragement, invariably hitting the right tone. In all honesty I'm not aware of anything I would change. These trips were challenging rides for serious cyclists. I know a number of such riders and I tell them this needs to go on their list, but only if they are looking to ride exceptionally. Otherwise they should look for a wine and cheese event. If I ever decide to do such an epic experience again I will only look to your website. Maybe the Giro. Thank you very much for everything, it was truly a lifetime event

David Wineinger – ID, USA :: 2011 Tour de France Pyrenees & Alps Trip

This is a serious bike riders bike trip. I love how the focus always remains on the ride. That's why I'm there.

Eugene Colon – NY, USA :: 2011 Tour de France Alps Trip

Given how smoothly each day went in spite of the out of season conditions is a testimony to the organization and the team at Thomson Bike Tours. All the staff were a pleasure to ride with and are committed to ensure everyone has a great day. The rides were truly epic and memorable, with Alpe D’Huez day a total highlight. I have no hesitation in recommending Thomson Bike Tours to any one and I hope to one-day return. Thanks to Peter and the crew

John Sullivan – Singapore :: 2011 Tour de France Alps Trip

As usual, the trip was fantastic. This was my 3rd trip with Thomson and I just would not consider any other bike tours

Lloyd LaRone – AB, Canada :: 2011 Tour de France Alps Trip

I had a great time.  The Thomson crew was top notch, friendly, personable.  The mechanics did repairs on my bike that helped to make sure I could still ride.  The logistics were incredible efficient. Peter has this down to an exact science.  It's impossible to find fault in any part of this trip

Brett Kligerman – PA, USA :: 2011 Tour de France Alps Trip

Coming from the least experienced rider on the trip I would have to say that this was by far everything I had expected it to be.  I was looking for a trip that would push me to my limits both physically and emotionally yet at the same time allow me to get stronger as the trip went on.  This was also my first time to Europe and the country side was beautiful.  I was looking for an adventure that would purge me of life's stresses and allow me to singularly focus on getting up the mountain.  The staff and accommodations made the trip completely seamless and allowed me to focus on my primary reasons for doing this trip.  When I signed up I had no intentions of returning however I would certainly be one of the many that would return to do more trips.  Bravo for a great experience

Samuel Coor – WA, USA :: 2011 Tour de France Alps Trip

I would definitely recommend Thomson to anyone looking for a challenging, Tour de France related cycling trip. I previously did a TdF cycling trip with another provider and my experience with Thomson was clearly superior in most every regard. Highly recommended. I look forward to my next trip with Thomson

Rick Call – TX, USA :: 2011 Tour de France Alps Trip

I greatly enjoyed all aspects of the trip.  The tour leaders were great and Jim provided outstanding mechanical support to those that needed it. Also great fun to be amongst other cycling enthusiasts during the Tour De France

Ian Wood – Australia :: 2011 Tour de France Alps Trip

This ride provides experienced cyclists with challenging ascents and descents through picturesque alps countryside. Support from vehicles is always available. Ride Leaders are capable riders. Organisation by the group is superb

Colin Thompson – Australia :: 2011 Tour de France Alps Trip

3rd trip in 3 years- there is a reason I keep coming back. Keep up the great work

Steve Miller – AZ, USA :: 2011 Tour de France Alps Trip

This trip totally exceeded my expectations. I wanted to ride hard, push myself physically and experience the major legendary climbs of the TDF which this trip delivered on all fronts. Thomson tours did a great job organizing the trip and supporting the riders throughout with all the logistical needs you can think of.  The staff was superb, hotels and food excellent, and I got to meet and ride with a bunch of great folks

Ben Minicucci – WA, USA :: 2011 Trans-Alps Challenge

A great first time experience with an organized cycling performance trip...craving for more!

Alain Desjarlais – QC, Canada :: 2011 Trans-Alps Challenge

This trip was incredibly well organised. The scenery was stunning, the rides memorable and challenging. At times i thought 'this is bloody hard', but the satisfaction at having achieved such an epic cycle trip made up for it. The support was spot-on, the hotels, food and company were great. I would have absolutely no hesitation in strongly recommending this trip, and in particular, thomson bike tours.

Erin Cook – Australia :: 2011 Trans-Swiss Challenge

Once again Thomson Bike Tours delievers!  Best service and challenging, sublime cycling routes.  I recommend them to any serious cycler without reservation

Randy Kohlase – WI, USA :: 2011 Trans-Swiss Challenge

The scenery was picture perfect, climbs challenging but doable, food superb, ride leaders personable and supportive. Climbing the Stelvio is cycling heaven. It was a blast!

Thomas Andersen – OR, USA :: 2011 Trans-Swiss Challenge

For years I have wanted to ride in Switzerland and this trip exceeded my expectations.  The routes were great, scenery was amazing, and roads were so smooth.  Switzerland is like riding through a postcard

Jim Cracraft – MA, USA :: 2011 Trans-Swiss Challenge

This was my 4th tour with Thomson Bike Tours and each one has been excellent.  The Trans-Swiss is challenging, well organized and beautiful.  All you would expect from a Thomson Tour. It was wonderful to see "old friends" from previous tours, which is evidence of their repeat business.  If you are a serious cyclist, Thomson Tours are the only way to go.

Vern Medeiros – CA, USA :: 2011 Trans-Swiss Challenge

The best performance cycling tour available.  Simple as that

Mick Young – Australia :: 2011 Trans-Swiss Challenge

Ever want to ride inside of a storybook - this may be it. Amazing, unbelievable, breathtaking and just plain fun.  Throw any adjective you want at it and you have the Trans-Swiss Challenge.  Peter, you and your team have created a truly challenging route across the Alps, with the sting taken away by timeless scenery, glaciers, cobbles and local flavor that make Switzerland a special place.  Can't think of a better way to see it than by bike (though that storybook I mentioned seemed like one of Grimm's fairytales on some of those passes).  These challenges are made by the people involved and the friendships made along the way, both riders and the TBT team, and this was no exception.  In typical Thomson fashion, the route was spectacular, the planning and details left no question and the Thomson team - ride leaders and support - provided endless encouragement and lots of laughs on even the toughest days!  It all ran like a fine Swiss watch. These memories will last forever, but I still can't wait to see what you come up with next.  Cheers to all at TBT!

Randy Ruhlman – NC, USA :: 2011 Trans-Swiss Challenge

Another standout tour delievred with typical finesse and competence by the Thomson Team. This was my 4th with TBT, and they just keep getting better. Please tell Eric that I will always remember to ride and live "avec tous son coeur!!

Lindy Hayward– Australia :: 2011 Trans-Swiss Challenge

Excellent tour. Very professional, everyone was extremely helpful, cycling guides again were excellent and ensured smooth hassle free rides. Great accommodation and high standard of meals

Adrian Walker – Australia :: 2011 Trans-Swiss Challenge

This was our second trip with Thomson and once again we would not hesitate to do another.  The service is first rate.  Peter and his staff ensure that everything is taken care of from the moment you sign up.  This trip was more challenging than the Giro in terms of the rides but we both loved the routes.  We recommend Thomson to all of our friends.

Cecil and Nancy Rickman – VA :: 2010 Trans-Swiss Challenge

Challenging, spectacular, well organized and an amazing overall cycling and cultural experience.

Jay Federhart – CA :: 2010 Trans-Swiss Challenge

Very professionally organized and executed...enjoyed it thoroughly and will likely be back.

David Berndt –MT :: 2010 Trans-Swiss Challenge

The trip exceeded all of my expectations.  The routes were challenging, the views were spectacular, all of the logistics went seamlessly and the staff was top notch.  I would recommend Thomson Bike Tours to any serious rider looking for a memorable and hassle free trip.

Derek Bamonte – CO :: 2010 Trans-Swiss Challenge

Trans Swiss is one tough trip. The veiws and the riding are unbelieveable. It was a dream trip for me and Peter and his staff exceeded all my expectations. They really work hard at getting you off the beaten path. Thanks to everyone for such a great trip!!!

Shayne Methvin – CO :: 2010 Trans-Swiss Challenge

The VIP Trans Swiss tour was incredibly challenging and amazing!  A life-time experience that I won't forget.  Nobody does it better than Thomson!

Claire Cahow – CO :: 2010 Trans-Swiss Challenge

It's tough to up the ante every year and continue to exceed expectations. This was my 6th Thomson trip (Giro, Tuscany, all 4 "challenges") and once again I was incredibly impressed. As usual there were epic moments that stand out (St Gotthards cobbled climb). Eagerly awaiting what Peter dreams up for next year!!

Michael Dunn – NY :: 2010 Trans-Swiss Challenge

This trip was fabulous. The logistics went like clock work. The route was well-chosen to go over main passes but still stay away from the busiest roads as much as possible. The price is a hard hit but in considering the service and the real costs of putting on this tour, it is reasonable. The staff were impeccable. Peter Thomson is a brilliant chap with a passion for wee bumps, exactly what I was hoping for.

Jelger Kalmijn – CA :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

This was an excellent riding experience.  We did all the rides we had hoped to do in the Pyrenees- and a few "bumps" we hadn't counted on.  I highly recommend this trip for anyone who wants to do a full day of riding then enjoy drinks and dinner with a number of new found friends.

Joseph Forrester – CO :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

This was a very challenging trip but was well supported and the scenery was spectacular!  All of the guides were great and provided much encouragement.

Bonnie Forrester – CO :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Preface this by the fact that we are both recreational riders, and I am 57 years old. I never thought I could do this! Going up every hill, I thought, "a woman my age has no business doing this", but at the top, I was very proud of my accomplishment. I definitely got stronger by day 5 and knowing I had two more days of riding, I could push it a bit. The camaraderie of the group helped get me through, along with the wit and humor of the ride leaders, especially the wicked Scotsman, Peter.  All are very good riders and Kristi really helped me get better on the descents.  Truly an amazing experience, along the lines of life changing. "Get on your bike and ride", is now my favorite aphorism, along with "it's just a wee bump" to describe a tough climb.  In preparation for this trip, we rode about 100-150 miles/week.  Rides included centuries with lots of hills and found we were 'fairly' well prepared, but definitely C group material.  Overall impression of the trip? - Incredible!! I would definitely recommend this trip to my friends and I absolutely want to do another Thomson trip again..

Sue Moerer – OR :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Thomson Tours is outstanding. This was my third tour and again it pushed me to my limit and made me a better cyclist. Thank you for the great planning and execution.

Richard Jones – Alberta, Canada :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

The challenges of a Thomson bike trip are immense, but so are the rewards. The climbs are epic, but the adrenaline rush at the summits and the stunning descents make them all worthwhile.  The culture within the Thomson staff is motivational, and both the guides and fellow riders are free with advice and support. If you come prepared with a good fitness level, and awareness of nutrition and hydration, and some mental toughness, this is a tremendous experience.

Perry Caicco – Ontario, Canada :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

My trip through the Pyrenees with Thomson Tours was simply magical. I'm already planning where I want to go next year, however too many tough choices.

David Johnson – CA :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Thomson Bike Tours Trans-Pyrenees Challenge was simply the best cycling experience I have had to date. Can't wait to do another one. .

Ben Armstrong – CA :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Once again, Thomson Tours has provided excellent service, routes and accommodations.  This was my third trip and will not be my last.  The Pyrenees were spectacular and the ride was most certainly a "challenge".  If you are a serious cyclist looking to push yourself and  improve your abilities, while at the same time experiencing the best cycling Europe has to offer, you can't go wrong with Thomson Tours.

David Pick – Alberta, Canada :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

A truly memorable trip! Riding up the Col du Soulor and Col d"Aubisque on a perfect, sunny morning had to be one of the highlights. Magnificent! I wanted a challenge and I definitely got it, physically and mentally, climbing up col after col. I could never have done this without all the support and encouragement from Eric, Andy, our fabulous van drivers, and a great group of riders.

Pri McDonald – OR :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

The best supported ride I have ever been on. The ride leaders and support staff were as colorful as the countryside. Thank you for a once in a lifetime experience.

Scott Sanchez – CA :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Wonderful trip from start to finish. Seamless organisation, supportive ride leaders, "characterful" support staff, glorious scenery, and great climbs. It was an absolute blast. I cannot praise the group highly enough.

Edward Gordon Hewson – NSW, Australia :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

It was fantastic. I hope I can find time to do another trip with you. Thank you so much.

Paul Keufler – AZ :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

The most impressive organized trip I have ever been on. Every staff takes care of you to the upmost and encourages you to continue and do well. The behind the scenes effort that the team did before hand is evident in a smoothly run trip that was totally epic! Congradulations Peter for providing a great holiday.

Gary LaRose – CA :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Mind blowing.  A tough ride but very rewarding. The excellent service from Thomson Bike Tours helped to make this week one to remember.

David Malcolm – Denmark :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

This was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  No other tour group comes close to Thomson Bike tours.  The ride leaders were strong and inspiring.  The support was second to none.  All aspects of this tour were planned to perfection.

Karandeep Tatlah – CA :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

What a week of riding!  The Trans-Pyrenees Challenge trip exceeded my expectations.  Everything was incredibly well planned and executed, allowing us to focus on the biking.  The ride leaders, mechanic, and SAG support staff were all top notch.  Great mix of unusual and classic routes.  Riding the Soulor, Aubisque, Marie Blanc, and Ichere in perfect weather on my birthday--it doesn't get any better than that.  Thomson Tours will be on my ride calendar for the coming years.....".

Fred Schwartz – CA :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Another outstanding trip - all my riding buddies at home are jealous. Great rides, a fun group of people, and amazing weather. I felt myself getting stronger each day - can't wait to be back for more!
The ride leaders and support staff were great - friendly and professional down to the last detail.

Belinda Ward – Queensland, Australia :: 2010 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

The trip was outstanding and the organization and flexibility by the leadership responding to sudden logistical changes such as weather was beyond compare.  I intend to return many times in the future.

Eric Helander – CO :: 2010 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

Me Being an Older guy,,,, I was bloody amazed that the ride leaders were Older guys too,,,,, Yet they kick everyones ASS, even the youngens,,,, Well done Guys and GAL.... If you are looking for a Class A, top shelf organazation that cares about what they do and especially their customers....YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG HERE....They do everything but pedal your bike.... Thanks for an amazing and memorable trip......”.

Joey Baird – VA :: 2010 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

It's been said by others before - but this trip went totally beyond my expectations. I anticipated challenging rides (and got plenty of that), but the scenery, locations, the Giro, great Thomson people, excellent organization, all made this trip one I won't soon forget. (In fact, it just makes me want to come back and do many more trips) .

Mark Fowler – Ontario, Canada :: 2010 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

I'm a repeat client, and it looks like you guys have done it all to the highest, no fuss, good-humored level AGAIN. You know you are in the right place as a "repeat" client when you turn up to find "repeat" staff. Clearly this is a sign of a highly functional, stable team, and this in turn gives me confidence. Also, when I left home, I secretly thought that this tour would pretty much quench my desire to do the Big Hills in Europe, and that therefore this would be the last one of its kind. What a load of rubbish that turned out to be...having got up that @#%!*#@ Zoncolan, I KNEW that I still had the bug, and that there will indeed be another one yet. Largely though, you and the team at Thomson have got it down. Everything flows... logistics... routes... hotels.... van support... comfy chairs at the Stages... awesome staff (that Margaret is a honey!)...all I need to do is get myself from A to B knowing all this is in place. Another GREAT tour, thank you Peter, Eric, Mike, Sid, John, Margaret, Andy and the 2 hunky Tent Men :)

Lindy Hayward – Victoria, Australia :: 2010 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

Great rides over beautiful terrain, excellent food and accommodations and most important, the best support staff in the business. I will be back for another tour as soon as I can manage it.

Lloyd Larone – Alberta, Canada :: 2010 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

One of the best cycling holidays, on every measure, that I have taken. Beautiful and challenging rides, excellent accommodation, support service and organization was unbeatable. I will be back and will refer friends.

Andrew Handford – BC, Canada :: 2010 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

Not only did I totally love the trip, and plan on returning (perhaps yearly!), and plan on recommending it (already have, actually) to numerous friends...but it has made me a better rider.  The very first race I did when I returned, I noticed a huge difference.  And that is very, very gratifying.

Dan Doran – WA :: 2010 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

This was the best trip of my life. Not only did I accomplish my objectives on the bike, the atmosphere was what made the trip. We had so much fun with our fellow riders (and your staff) that the trip ended before I knew. Thank you so much Peter and crew.

Jim Werle – CA :: 2010 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

This trip was absolutely amazing.  I am not a great rider and was anticipating a grueling trip up these horribly winding roads.  I was actually traveling with a much more experienced rider and was worried for the worse.  Fortunately, our van support and the information that was provided each day made my choices of what I wanted to experience that day made my trip unbelievably pleasant. I rode exactly what I wanted to ride for the day and my partner did all the amazingly hard climbs he wanted to do for the day.  Perfect.

Hannah Minard – TX :: 2010 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

This was truly a "Trip of a lifetime" for me. Peter Thomson and the entire staff completely exceeded my expectations and made the trip a complete pleasure. I will definitely be back soon to try another tour - maybe in France next time.

Brett Rutledge – MA :: 2010 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

I didn't know what to expect prior to the trip besides that it was going to be very difficult. Without a doubt, Thomson Bike Tours and the entire experience exceeded all of my expectations. At times I didn't know how I was going to get through it; but having completed the trip, I feel an amazing sense of accomplishment. I didn't know I had it in me, honestly. I'm already thinking about the March training camp and the Trans Pyrenees trip for next year.

Adel Sarhan – NY :: 2010 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

KOM was an incredible adventure. Maybe not the smartest tour for my first one but unforgettable. I can't pick my favorite day but certainly the Fedaia, the Duran and the Mortirolo were among the top. We will be back to ride many more wee bumps with Thomson.

Bene Werle – CA :: 2010 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

What a great staff! You will never find a more inspiring team to support your trek up some of the steepest climbs in all of Europe. 

Richard deVito – NY :: 2010 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

I was amazed by the sophistication of the logistics and the experience and thoughtfulness which underpinned them. All the support people were kind and generous and efficient. All of it was a testament to the skills and knowledge of Peter. It was an incredible experience and I am very grateful for all your good work.

Michael Finlayson – Manitoba, Canada :: 2010 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

My 4th trip with Thomson and found the Giro to be the most challenging of all, the scenery and rides made for an epic trip. First class service all round.

Phil Penman – NY :: 2010 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia


Amazing routes and expertly-handled logistics allow you to focus soley on enjoying the ride.  Another great Thomson tour.

Vinton Buffenmyer – CO :: 2010 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Dolomites was the hardest and best trip I have ever done. The climbing was extremely challenging but with the support of the crew and the beautiful terrain I was able to surmount these "beyond category" climbs. The weather, food, participants, and of course, Thomson's unparalled team made this trip a memorable vacation and one that will always bring a smile to my face as well as some pain in my quads! Eric, Andy, Syd were great to have out on the road and Eric with his descriptions of "wee" bumps and route rap discussions were spot on. Margaret is such a sweetheart and makes all the details seemless. It's been so great having her there.

Elizabeth Tobin – CT :: 2010 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Thomson provided exactly what I was looking for--good, hard, serious cycling on Italy's best-known climbs, with no silly-frilly stuff like wine tasting. It would be impossible to hit all these routes in a week's time without the van and luggage transfer support (not to mention the headaches of figuring out the routes and other logistics). Trip was very well planned--no logistical snafus. Support was ideal--it was there when needed, but never got in the way.
I suppose the best way to summzrise my experience is this: By the time we were half-way through the trip, I was on the Thomson website trying to figure out which trip I might want to take next year.

Paul Klenck – CO :: 2010 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Thomson Tours is the BEST tour cycling company - always the best routes, support, food, and, spirit.  I've had a fantastic time on all of my trips with them (now 4 trips!).  I highly recommend them to all my bike fanatic friends.

Gwynne Axelrod– CA :: 2010 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Trip was totally amazing and memorable.  I had no idea that it would be so awe inspiring and beautiful.  I thought the staff all possessed the perfect amount of support and friendliness, while at the same time not over-managing the riders.  I was treated with the respect I was hoping for as an experienced rider that did not need to be too closely monitored.  I really appreciate that.  I felt like it was my own personal journey with my cycling friends, but I also felt the amazing guidance and support of the staff.  The balance was perfect.

Joe Pugliese – CA :: 2010 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Challenging but thrilling rides, excellent support staff, and great ride leaders.

Matthew Maccaroni – VA :: 2010 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Memorable trip, well supported, can't wait to sign on again.

Andrew Davis – NC :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Alps

Peter Thomson provided excellent service and the experience of a lifetime.  I would recommend their trips to anyone who wants to truly experience great European riding.

Kevin Kanzelman –NV :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Alps

This trip was the trip of a lifetime for me.  It was so well organized with a very knowledgeable staff.  They took care of all our needs so all we needed to do was ride. It doesn't get any better than that! I cannot wait to do it again. See you in the Pyrenees in 2 years!

Lisa Frick – CA :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Alps

Fantastic and Memorable trip!

Michel Maddison – Ontario, Canada :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Alps

I loved the trip. The Thomson team were fantastic and the organization was second to none. I met a fantastic bunch of people on the trip and I'll definitely be back. I would highly recommend the KOM Alps trip to those cyclists looking for a challenge and a genuine cycling tour.

Geoff Purtill – NSW, Australia :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Alps

From the time I signed up, Thomsons were totaly profesional.  Great communication, great rider support and a massive amount of work behind the sceens to make our trip great. I would and have recommended Thomson to other people.  We are planning to return next year maybe the Trans Pyrenees.  Peter and all the team were fantastic and great fun to be with.".

Neil Rees – South Australia :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Alps

A superior trip from start to finish.  Run by true professionals with a passion for cycling.  They go above and beyond all expectations to provide each cyclist with the trip of a lifetime.  A true value for the expense when you consider the services provided. I'm sold on Thomson bike tours and would not consider to ride with anyone else.

John Spieker – DE :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Alps

Very tough but incredibly rewarding experience  A real feeling of achievement.

Glen Maddison – Ontario, Canada :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Alps

Could not have been happier with the trip, the riding, the staff and the other riders. Totally met expectations.

David Gould – GA :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Alps

Our trip was expertly planned, smartly lead, and the riding was amazing. Truly an excellent adventure. I highly recommend anyone thats seeking a Tour-style experience to take a Thompson Bike Tour.".

Barry Fink – CA :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Alps

Fantastic.  You and your staff have thought of everything.  The routes and support were superb.  Thomson has provided memories for a lifetime. 

Susan Tudor – CA :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Alps

Overall a first class experience. It was wonderful to have the knowledge and experience of your team helping us every day.

Scott Niece – TX :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Alps

Thomson is the preeminent tour for cyclists looking for an excursion focused on the cycling experience.  The time and expertise is focused on the routes, mechanics, and support rather than on the dining experience and vineyards.  This is the tour for riders.

Peter Gordon – PA :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Alps

Very impressed with the preparation, organization, professionalism, and friendliness of the Thomson staff. Great (yet pretty damn hard) rides and amazing vantage points.  

Andre Maddison – Nova Scotia, Canada :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Alps

A thoroughly challenging, rewarding and truly satisfying experience. Great riding, good food, dedicated staff and all enjoyed whilst watching the most famous bike race in the world.

Richard Craven – NSW, Australia :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

Riding with Thomson in the Pyrenees is a great way to experience the chaos of Le Tour up close and still absorb the rural natural beauty and small villages of this part of France.  I plan to return with my family!

John Bodell – OH :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

The mix of climbing and distance was perfect in terms overall challenge. I always felt supported by the Thomson team throughout all of the rides. This was my 2nd trip with Thomson and both have been great experiences. I have already submitted registration for 2011 - KOM Alps.

Steve Miller – AZ :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

Great experience, good people, I feel we were well taken care of and Id certainly recommend Thomsen to anyone.

Gary Bernard – AZ :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

My European Family (TBT) has yet again - on my seventh trip -  provided me an outstanding, enjoyable, challenging, superb and therapeutic week...I have NEVER been disappointed...and look forward to next year! My hat goes off to ALL! Thank You....may just have to start leaving my bike/gear  there :)

Hugh Selznick – UT :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

The Thomson Pyrenees Extreme tour was a great experience. The ride support and organization were excellent. I was able to challenge myself without worrying about the logistics of transport, lodging, and ride support. We rode the mythical Pryrenees climbs of Tour legend and got to experience the thrill of the modern day Tour de France. It was an experience I won't forget

Shawn Veltman – VA :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

I had very high expectations for the trip and they were exceeded.  The climbs were very challenging but the ride leaders, support vans, and other riders were encouraging enough to get me over.  It's not a trip that pampers but I came to climb and every detail was taken care of so I only needed to focus on my riding.  From hotels, to meals, to mechanical help Thomson was there every step of the way.  The support on the mountains for the two days we stopped to watched the TdF was particularly impressive.

Scott Edwardson – CT :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

Excellent, A+ cycling trip. Probably the best cycling trip I've ever taken. So high in quality and value I'm afraid to book any other cycling tours as they will likely pale in comparison. As Melanie my climbing partner said, Thomson Tours is "Living the Dream"

Timothy Crum – WA :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

My second trip with TBT proved to be the highlight of the year, with the epic climbs, stunning views and camaraderie among cyclists destined to serve as life-long memories. If you're seeking to sample the local cuisine, look elsewhere.  No wine tasting or cheese sampling.  At TBT, it's all about the rides.  If you're a diehard cyclist seeking to experience a taste of what it might be like to be a pro rider, then look no further.  TBT provides the most challenging rides and best support.  I've already signed up for a third trip. 

Matt Terry – MO :: 2010 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees

It is difficult to imagine a better cycling experience. Excellent route - challenging but not impossible - big, old guys should not be deterred. The organization is flawless, the staff a wonderful mix of backgrounds and personalities. The riders were a diverse group and quickly formed a "band of brothers" - and sisters. Hotels and meals were just right for serious cyclists. A+ across the board.

Peter Blaikie – Quebec, Canada :: 2010 Trans-Alps Challange

Overall, the TBT team put together another outstanding trip and quite frankly it is difficult to come up with anything but positive feedback.  I thoroughly enjoyed the week and very much look forward to a 4th ride with you.

Dennis Zuliani – Ontario, Canada :: 2010 Trans-Alps Challange

The Trans-Alps trip was amazing!  Peter's attention to details in routes, support, hotels, and staff make the difference between a good trip and a life-changing experience.  This was my sixth trip with TBT and each one has offered unique experiences and unexpected gems because of the routes he chooses.  I highly recommend this trip for any serious cyclist.

Jim Cracraft – MA :: 2010 Trans-Alps Challange

Excellent, I hope to see you all on another trip someday........I would not think of touring with another group now because of your excellent planning, support and staff.

Tracy Christensen – UT :: 2010 Trans-Alps Challange

This is my third consecutive tour and they have all been outstanding.  An experience of a lifetime and I can't wait until next year. Awesome!!!

Vernon Medeiros – CA :: 2010 Trans-Alps Challange

I was delighted that I took the Trans Alps Challenge trip. The organization of the logistics was excellent. You had everything organized so the riders could just ride and have a good time without thinking how to get food, water, or any of the many other things need for a bike ride that last several days. The staff, whether ride guides or van drivers, were friendly and very helpful--going out of their way to make sure each rider had a good trip. The choice of climbs was excellent and each day\'s riding plan was both manageable and challenging for both the strongest most experienced and the less strong and less experienced riders.
I strongly recommend this trip to anyone who wants to experience biking up and down the cols of the French Alps. It is a real biking adventure that is exceptionally well organized by Thomson Tours. Their organization and execution allowed me to concentrate on biking and enjoying the trip without worrying about whether or not something was done. The selection of climbs allowed me to experience most of what the riders on the Tour de France would--although at a more measured pace...It is a tour for enthusiastic riders and not a sightseeing tour where you go from place to place on your bike. It is also not a tour where you go from climb to climb by van. You ride from the start near Geneva to Nice. A wonderful trip.

Robbert Chappell – PA :: 2010 Trans-Alps Challange

If you want to experience a trip where every last detail is taken care of so that you can concentrate on cycling - look no further than Thomson Bike Tours. The staff are cheerful, efficient, organized, helpful, and hard-working, and will still beat you to the top of every climb (and back down again too!). I wanted a trip where I was challenged on the bike and pampered off it - and I found exactly what I wanted.

Ian Wright – WA :: 2009 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

Our experience on TBT's 2009 KOM Giro d'Italia trip exceeded our expectations in every way possible. Every detail was carefully planned without feeling overplanned---everything appeared absolutely seamless and effortless. Peter and team expertly provide enough structure and information to make me feel prepared & cared for, yet the freedom to just go and ride my bike. It's so evident that the ride leaders are having just as much fun as the riders--- this felt like going out for 6 days of incredible riding with great friends (and don't think I'm a "tour" person!). I truly didn't want this vacation to ever end. The routes each day are carefully thought out so that there are options for everyone. My coach immediately increased my training zones by 20watts after he saw my SRM power profile from my first few rides once back at home...and then there was the added bonus of kicking butt at my first local weeknight race when I got back...! This was a lifechanging vacation, and I absolutely can't wait to do it again. We're plotting for our next TBT trip!!! I can't thank you enough.

Liga Mezaraups – WA :: 2009 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

We have used Baxters and toured Europe by bike on our own in the past. The 9 days with Thomsons far surpassed anything we have done. You are a special group of people, who care, love what you do and are prepared to make the extra effort to offer an exceptional experience to bike riders. Thanks for the 5 star memories.

Steve and Tracy Marais – Australia :: 2009 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

Thank you for the most amazing tour, all my expectations were met and exceeded in every way. Cycling back home in Sydney will never be the same anymore after experiencing the most amazing scenery on all of our rides. Cant wait to one day come back again for another tour!

Michael Coomans – Australia :: 2009 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

We shopped around before booking and selected Thomson based on a couple of things: first was the quality of the website. It was easy to navigate and very informative. The second was the feedback from previous customers. This trip was a trip of a lifetime for us and we will definately book another. We can't say enough about the staff, the seamless transitions from hotel to hotel and quality of the rides. We have already started telling our friends about the high quality of this company.

Nancy & Cecil Rickman – England :: 2009 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

I didn't think that one of the "bigger" tour companies could provide such friendly, personal service. Your whole tour experience exceeded my expectations by a wide margin. The VIP experience at the Giro was a great surprise, and the tent on Alpe de Suisi was awesome. I'll highly recommend Thomson to the locals here in San Diego

Dan Goese – CA :: 2009 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia

Simply put, top shelf. It could not have been a better trip. The team handled everything very very well.

Joe Lefort – Alberta, Canada :: 2009 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

It was everything I was looking for. Epic climbs, fast descents and a great bunch of people. The team were friendly, professional and competitive at the same time! No climb went unchallenged and "team Utah" set a mean pace from the get-go. I have no doubt I will be back to do it again. 10 out of 10 to Thomson and the team. The trip exceeded my expectations and I recommend this to everyone and anyone who loves cycling.

Michael Young – Australia :: 2009 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

This was my first trip with TBT, and I was incredibly impressed with every aspect of my experience. The rides were very challenging, the routes and the scenery were fantastic. The Thomson staff were terrific in every sense, very knowledgeable, friendly, always there to support you when needed, and also willing to let riders have their freedom. I can't wait for my next TBT experience, and I would recommend TBT to any cyclists looking for a challenging, and very fun week of cycling!

Tim Conway – Australia :: 2009 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

I loved that the trip was so well run. The logistics were spot on and the rides were perfect. Would do this trip again (after doing some of the other Thomson trips).

Spencer deBry – UT :: 2009 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

The trip was faultless across all aspects. Eric, Sim, Mathilde and Peter all went out of their way to make this the ultimate cycling experience. The routes showcased spectacular scenary and unqiue towns, and the accomodation and support services were perfect. Without a doubt I'll be coming back. The challenge now is choosing a trip!

Tom Nickson – Australia :: 2009 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

The trip with Thomson Bike Tours exceeded every expectation I had not only in the big ways but in their attention to detail and their attention to each person on the trip. The route, the hotels, and the scenery were everything imagined however it was the people, every single person at Thomson, that has made this a very special memory. It is easy to provide first class service by asking people to pay top dollar and then shower them with luxuries, it is far more difficult but far more memorable to do it with people who have a genuine care and concern for their customer. Thomson has that genuine care and concern that clearly separates them from so many others in the travel industry.

David Hill – CO :: 2009 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Wonderful trip. Guides and support staff great. Best supported and organized bike trip I've been on. Overall level of riders also at a high level! Great route and beautiful climbs. Really felt like I accomplished something by riding the entire trip. Even the foul weather added to the epic experience. Hope I can swing another trip with the wife! (Every year she says this is the last one!). Van drivers added a lot of color and humor to the trip. Chapeau to Thomson Bike Tours for a sublime bike trip!

Randy Kohlase – WI :: 2009 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

I decided to give myself a present for my 40th birthday a few years ago, I love cycling, so I decided to do once in a lifetime experience, an epic cycling vacation in Europe for a change, I choose Thomson Bike Tours to do so, the problem is that it was not a once in a lifetime experience, I keep coming back every year.

Adrian Bours – Mexico :: 2009 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

This was my first time cycling in Europe and my TBT trip exceeded all of my expectations! The riding was everything I wanted, and more. The more part was because it was with Thomson Bike Tours! The routes chosen, the staff's professionalism and personalities, the other riders, all of these things (that you don't even think about when you sign up for a tour) made this an experience I will remember forever!

Greg Chaloupka – CO :: 2009 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

Peter, I'm really impressed with what you are providing at TBT. As I told you on the trip, the way that you and your staff approach these 'challenges' and the atmosphere that you provide for your clients could, and should, be used as a model for anyone considering this business! The Trans-Pyrenees Challenge was just that - a challenge! The scenery was spectacular, the climbs were tough (especially for someone who will never be a Spanish climber), but the support and encouragement from you and the staff made it easy to push harder and longer, even when it seemed the mountaintop would never come. All the 'suffering' paid off though with what have to be some of the most exhilarating descents I have ever experienced! In addition, a fun group of people and bonding with the other riders made the kilometres fly by. All-in-all, the trip was tough, beautiful, extremely well organized and definitely character building... and I'd do it again in a minute! Thanks for a memory that will last forever.

Randy Ruhlman – NC :: 2009 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

The experience of traveling through the Pyrenees from the Med to the Atlantic is physically and emotionally exhilerating. Doing it with Thomson not only are your eyes, mind and body stimulated but also your funny bone.

Steven Southworth – NC :: 2009 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

The Trans Alpine Trip was the most challenging, fun and spectacular cycling trip I have ever taken. The route was incredible, the service could not have been better, the food was great and the feeling of accomplishment I had when we crested Col de Vence and saw the Mediterranean will never be forgotten. Thanks Peter for organizing a fantastic week in the Alps.

Hal Shapiro – CA :: 2009 Trans-Alps Challenge

My overall impression of the trip is wrapped up in my desire to get on with another one as soon as possible. I had a ripping good time, was well cared for, well supported on the road and have a grand appreciation for the quality of TBT route selection.

Dean Cahow – CO :: 2009 Trans-Alps Challenge

Once again Peter you surpassed expectations with the Trans Alp ride. As usual, the organization, support, riding route and logistics were flawless. The staff always seemed to put our needs as a priority and were always so happy to help. I was looking forward to this trip for 6 months, and still the trip exceeded my expecatations. I just love the point to point days and the accomnplishment of completing the epic trek of crossing the Alps. Thanks, Peter!

Brad Eisman – CA :: 2009 Trans-Alps Challenge

Fantastic. Peter and his crew do a superb job that cannot be matched.

Mark Uhlfelder – CO :: 2009 Trans-Alps Challenge

What an incredible trip! I was able to push myself and climb some incredible cols. The support from other riders, ride leaders, and from the support drivers was outstanding. Everything was top-notch, the food, the hotels, the people, and most of all the incredible rides. I can't wait until next time I get to ride with Thomson!

Elijah Verheyen – NJ :: 2009 Trans-Alps Challenge

This was my fourth TBT trip; that says it all!

Mike Dunn – NY :: 2009 Trans-Alps Challenge

Once again, Thomson Tours has exceeded my expectations! I can no longer say this was a "tour of a lifetime" because I intend to keep coming year after year. The Dolomites were spectacular and difficult. It was a solid test of my bike riding abilities and I am happy to have conquered these magical and mythical passes. See you in Spain next year!

David Pick – Alberta, Canada :: 2009 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

Thomson Tours offers a extremely well run and fun trip. The support from the guides is fantastic! The orgainization of the trip allows you to focus on riding and enjoying the experience. Has shown me a whole new side of going on "guided" trips. Will look forward to doing this again!!!!

Laurel Arndt – AZ :: 2009 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

This trip was magical. To ride the Stelvio, Fedaia, Mortirolo, and Gavia was truly a dream come true for me. I have taken a number of trips with Thomson, and I have come to really appreciate how their planning and support allow you to really enjoy the cycling. Each trip has a hidden gem of a ride that exceeds your expectations, no matter how high they are.

Jim Cracraft – MA :: 2009 Trans-Dolomites Challenge

This trip far exceeded my expectations in every way. The staff, the rides, the accomodations, the food, and the support were all just awsome. Even when the weather didn't cooperate (Barcelona) you went above and beyond the call of duty to accomodate your guests. There is no doubt that I'd go with Thomson for any future bike vacation.

Ken Legault – IN :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Performance

You offer many of us the experience of life time! Continue what you do, your hard work and planning is much appreciated. See you next year.

Fred Bjornstad – CA :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Performance

Best way to see the Alps and Pyrenees!! Thomson is a well oiled machine. The incredible staff ensure positive, memorable, experiences for everyone.

Aaron Sundberg – Norway :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Performance

This was my first Thomson Bike Tour and my first real bike tour of any kind. I can see myself going with no one else in the future. Why? If you have experienced first class why should you downgrade to second? I am planning my next adventure now and convincing my fellow cyclist to join me this time. See you in 2010!

Jonathan Earl – NC :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Performance

This is the third trip I take with Thomson Tours, and I will be back, there is no chance at all that I would dream of trying another tour company!

Alex Brakmo – Mexico :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Performance

TBT surpassed all of my expectations. The rides were challenging, the scenery was spectacular, and the entire staff was there to do whatever it took to make the trip enjoyable. I had a excellent week riding through the Pyrenees with fantastic people from all over the world.

Tony Strauss – MD :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Performance

With this being my 1st trip with Thomson I couldnt be more pleased. The riding was great, the accomodations (Orbea tents) at the mountain top finishes was top shelf all the way. I cant wait to return

Steve Miller – AZ :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Performance

I had an awesome trip. The scenery and routes were truly spectacular as was the support and staff. I've been spreading the word about Thomsom and am bringing my wife and another friend next year. I've already booked my trip for next year and can't wait to conquer the Alps!!!

Todd Morton – CA :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Performance

Thomson Tours does an AMAZING job at premier bike tours. From the ideal selection of hotels, the local knowledge of the Alps and the superb logistics that support the riders together adds up to an amazing Cycling adventure tour! I am praising TBT to other local riders since you did a fantastic job of delivering exactly what you advertise: Fantastic Rides in the Alps and Prime viewing locations for the TDF mountain stages. I hope to be back soon. Until then, thanks for all the great fun and great memories at the 2009 edition of the 'Extreme' Alps Tour.

Dave McKay – Ontario, Canada :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Alps Extreme

It vastly exceeded my expectations. The staff was great it was unbelievably well organized, and the rides were amazing. Great job!

Colin Kelton – PA :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Alps Extreme

I had an absolute wonderful time and it exceeded my expectations. When I signed up I was wondering what all the money was going to, but after experiencing the support that we received during the rides, the location of the rides, and the experience of the guides, it was worth every penny.

Michael Reisman – MO :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Alps Extreme

There are so many factors that go into a successful bike tour and you have the equation just right. I could not have asked for a more fabulous experience.

Amanda Hassner – OH :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Alps Extreme

The King of the Mountaings-France Alps Extreme was everything and more than I had hoped for. The alpine views and challenging rides, supported along the way by Thomson's expert ride leaders and dedicated van support staff, provided an "extreme" experience that was undoubted the best trip of my life. Couldn't have asked for more.

Matthew Terry – MO :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Alps Extreme

It was even better than I imagined. Not only did TBT deliver what I expected: Organization, expertise, a high-quality rental bike, and quality room and board, but I also got what I did not expect: The feeling of elation while ascending the characteristic switchbacks of an Alpine Col amidst a constant stream of fellow cyclist and fans from all over the world. It was surreal. I felt like I was riding in the TdF peleton. And I was completely free to enjoy every bit of it since TBT was taking care of all the logistics. Money well spent.

David Barone – MA :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Alps Performance

It was a wonderful and most challenging life experience. The Thomson team were a wonderful group of people who provided an excellent riding experince. Well done to all, I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the trip from start to finish. I will be back to challenge myself again.

Colin Carrigan – Australia :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Alps Performance

Overall, it was the trip of a lifetime. It fulfilled my dream to cycle the Alps and view that really big french bike race held every year in July! The ride leaders and staff were incredibly personable, which created a very positive family-like atmosphere. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Daniel Brewer – CA :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Alps Performance

As a cyclist you constantly push at your limits. TBT put together not only an epic schedule of rides but a series that pushed boundaries of every riding level in our group. The staff... absolutely first class. Motivational as well as professional. I'd recommend TBT to anyone serious about climbing the epic climbs in the Alps. Well done!

Michael Stewart – GA :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Alps Performance

Thanks to the awesome staff, the viewing points were perfect, scenery was so surreal and the accomodations superb! The trip of a lifetime!

Alison Falls – NC :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Alps Performance

The best cycling experience in the world. I feel so lucky to have been part of the trip and proud that I only sagged downhill!

David Salzman – South Africa :: 2009 King of the Mountains > France Alps Performance

This was my first trip to France and on a organized bicycle tour. It was everything I expected and more. The professionalism, service and friendliness of the staff was outstanding. The riding in and of itself was great but when you add in the great support of the Thompson Bicycle Tours staff, it was superb. Thanks.

David Carter – WY :: 2009 Tour des Grandes Alpes

Thomson Bike Tours delivers what they promise! Challenging riding, beautiful scenery, fabulous support and great food and accomodations. The folks at Thompson are a joy to spend time with, just the right combination of humor and challenge. The trips are planned to a fine tune perfection with no detail too small for consideration. You are the Best!

Michelle Comeau – CA :: 2009 Tour des Grandes Alpes

Absolutely the most fantastic thing I have done! Excellent support and lively engaging staff made the trip seamless and the energetic support during tough climbs was truly appreciated at crucual moments! Cheers to the premier bike touring company for serious bikers. I will be back!

Jeff Storey – WY :: 2009 Tour des Grandes Alpes

The staff, planning, support...everything...was superb. As a tax lawyer, i am used to being critical, but i am at a loss to find anything to complain about with Thomson. Ultimately, the warmth, support and energy are qualities that come from the heart and can not be purchased....and you guys have it. thanks again. and anyone can feel free to contact me if they want personal feedback.

Bill Soskin – CA :: 2009 Tour des Grandes Alpes

This was probably the greatest trip of my life! I accomplished things I didn't know I could do, and felt so proud at the tops of those big mountains! The support from staff and other riders was phenomenal regardless of whether you were the first person up the mountain or the last. The views were spectacular, the rides well organized, the hotels had everything we needed and the tour vantage points were beyond what I expected! Overall, I could not have been happier with this trip! I have told everyone at home about it, and have already recommended to others that they book a trip with Thomson Bike Tours when they get the chance. I absolutely plan on going again sometime soon! Thank you for everything!

Kendra Sweet – AZ :: 2008 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

Truly the experience of a lifetime and one that we will repeat. If you love the bike you will have the most amazing time.  I'm still dazed! 5 Stars

Ruth Crisp – NC :: 2008 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

The experience is among the most amazing and rewarding things I have ever done and really could not have been duplicated on my own.  Thomson has mastered the details such that you only need to ride hard and enjoy the atmosphere of the tour and the enormity of the Alps.

Nina Sundberg – Norway :: 2008 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

Simply the best!!  This was our second TBT trip and we are already planning our third.  The race viewing points are the best on the mountain.   The rides they plan are wonderfully challenging and you have the opportunity to push yourself with the comfort of knowing that the support vans are always there if you need them.  What keeps us coming back is the great people we meet and confidence that TBT will always plan an excellent trip and we don't have to worry about anything.  Can't wait until next year.

Sarah Patz – CA :: 2008 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

One of the greatest sporting holidays of my life - travelling by myself with Thomson Cycling was not a drama - well organized - great people - totally professional -couldn't recommend them enough - I can't wait for 2009 - YELL FOR CADEL 09

Stuart Faulkner – Australia :: 2008 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

This was the best cycling experience I have undertaken. For any cyclist that has more than a passing interest in the sport, it is essential that you ride the great cols. Who better to do it with than a tour operator that gets you out on your bike.

Graeme Rate – South Africa :: 2008 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

Thomson Bike Tours provides consistently high quality, challenging, well supported, performance oriented cycling trips in ideal cycling areas.  I have tried several cycling tour operators.  Thomson Bike Tours is by far the best and the most reliable tour operator I have used.

Steve Johnston – Ontario :: 2008 Tour of the Dolomites & Italian Alps

This was my second trip with Thomson Bike Tours. Our first trip was the King of the Mountains in the French Alps.  This was one of my most memorable vacations, and I wondered if this trip to the Dolomites could meet the same standards and expectations of the previous trip.  It met and exceeded my expectations.  The folks at Thomson Bike Tours are true professionals.  Everything about the trip was excellent.  As my wife and I flew back, we were wondering which trip we wanted to do next year.

Michael Berry – NC :: 2008 Tour of the Dolomites & Italian Alps

This is my second trip with Thomson Bike Tours and will never think of trying another company. From Peter to all the personnel, they are first grade and a pleasure to know and ride with.

Alex Brakmo – Mexico :: 2008 Tour of the Dolomites & Italian Alps

Todo estuvo a toda madre. Estoy esperando la informacion para el ano proximo. Incredible!!!!!!!!!

Jaime Morales – Mexico :: 2008 Tour of the Dolomites & Italian Alps

Peter and staff:  As expected, you guys outdid yourselves.  The amount of planning was obvious by how well executed every aspect of the trip was.  Thank you for everything and I'm looking forward to next year's adventure together.

Brad Eismann – CA ::2008 Tour of the Dolomites & Italian Alps

The logistical organization of bringing 20 plus riders through the Pyrenees seems daunting to me, but Thomson Bike Tours did an amazing job.  Everything from hotels, meals, van support, luggage transportation, to mechanical support was perfectly organized.

Aaron Bachik – CO ::2008 Trans-Pyrenees Trip

Once again Thomson Bike Tours delivered a first-class week of fantastic cycling.  The addition of high-end bike rentals made airport travel hassle-free.  I will continue to ride with Thomson as long as they have tours.

Vinny Beffenmyer – CO ::2008 Trans-Pyrenees Trip

Thomson's Pyrenees Challenge was hands down the most epic of the many epic journeys I've completed in thirty years of riding. Every day provided nervous anticipation, lung-searing efforts, wicked descents, and total catharsis.

An indelible memory for me will be riding the upper kms of the Col d'Aspin with Peter Thomson until 100 meters to go, at which point he yelled "Allez!" and sprinted away from me in the big ring. It still makes me laugh: I actually paid to get schooled in the Pyrenees!

Glenn Chadwick – CA ::2008 Trans-Pyrenees Trip

I can't say enough good things about this tour.  The camaraderie was incredible and the staff encouragement was very helpful. The route was beautiful and it’s great to ride the same Cols of the Tour de France. A must attend for the serious cyclist.

Vern Medeiros – CA ::2008 Trans-Pyrenees Trip

This was my first organized performance bike trip to Europe and it was phenomenal.  The organization was excellent with nothing for the rider to worry about other than to ride.  The staff were top-shelf and very supportive on long, arduous climbs.  This was the best vacation I have ever had and would never look further than Thomson Bike Tours for my next performance bike trip to Europe.

Paul Tepsich – Ontario ::2008 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia Trip

I would never ride Europe with anyone but Thomson Bike Tours!  Great staff, great routes, great support, great accommodations!  What more can you say?  Can't wait to get back for my next trip.

Jeremy Hyatt – OR ::2008 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia Trip

The Giro 2008 trip was one of the highlights of my cycling career.  I was absolutely amazed at TBT's ability to accommodate so many diverse clients through a challenging week of cycling, adjust plans to fit a fluid Giro schedule, hang with the clients at meals, and do it all with such good cheer.  Well done.

Ed Bredthauer – CA ::2008 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia Trip

Peter and his crew are unbelievable; they make you ride mythical climbs, being part of a team, with technical support near as good as a professional cycling team (minus the head phone!). I will remember this trip all my life.

Frederic Desjardins– Quebec ::2008 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia Trip

First and foremost, the staff were cyclists. Cycling was in their bones, it was their love, their passion, and it showed in everyway. Complete professionals. Logistical magicians! Fabulous lodging and locations. LOTS of food. This is "THE" company for avid road cyclists. This tour is about the great climbs of the Giro. It's not that it's not about the local culture and history of the area, but it's first about challenging road cycling and immersion into the history, culture and geography of bicycle racing. This was a tour for the club/fitness/racer type cyclist. People who like to sweat, breathe hard and embrace pain - cyclists. This was not a trip for tourist or beginners.

The staff was accommodating in every way. They listened to you and made you feel that they would take care of any concerns you might have; and did so in a gracious manner. They were great fun too!

Peter Thomson is an evil Scottish cycling gnome. He's like that little evil devil on the left side of your conscious encouraging you to do the fun and crazy things you want to do, but know you shouldn't. Kind of like Dr. Seuss’ Cat in Hat. I don't know whether to love him or hate him. I know one thing though - I had a blast riding with him.

John Urtusuastegui – CA ::2008 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia Trip

We've never been on an organized bike tour before and we wouldn't think twice about using Thomson Bike Tours again.  Everything was extremely organized and well thought out. A company that runs like a well-oiled machine!

Ian Modestow & Michelle Kersbergen – MA ::2008 Spring Training

Incredible value for what you get. Great biking that is challenging yet perfect for base training. The area is a cyclist's dream - good pavement, quiet roads and off the bike there is plenty to do. Wonderful food and wine keeps you fuelled for the next day. The staff are professional and keep you well informed - you can't go wrong with Thomson.

Chris Farmer – New Brunswick ::2008 Spring Training

A truly amazing experience, the rides were unbelievable, the vantage points were unbeatable, and your staff was second to none.  I've been with other tour companies but would only come back to Thomson Bike Tours.

Chad Macy – MN ::2007 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

This was a FANTASTIC trip that exceeded my expectations.  I'm giving up my crack habit to become a Thomson Touroid. As the great governor of California, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, once said  - I'll be back?

Michael Berry – NC ::2007 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

I went into this trip with extremely high expectations and I can honestly say that they were all met.

Jonathan Kiser – NC ::2007 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

The rides were amazing, the race viewing vantage points superb, the logistics spot-on, and your staff is the best out there! I can't imagine what you could do to make it any better. Bravo TBT!!

Duncan Chapman – NC ::2007 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

I knew I had made the right choice of tour company when all throughout the week we passed people from other tours I had researched. They always seemed to be wrestling with oversized maps erupting from their cumbersome utterly non-aero bike boxes and generally not enjoying the experience of small bakeries and quiet back roads.  I continually felt grateful that I had chosen Thomson Bike Tours.  The rides were incredible; challenging and breath taking with ample room to do less if you wanted.  The TDF viewing with LIVE satellite TV and unparalleled vantage points is second to none.

Abigail Lufkin – CA ::2007 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

I was incredibly impressed w/ all aspects of the trip. The logistics, organization, riding, and support were perfectly executed.  I also really enjoyed all the support staff. What a great group of people to hang out and ride with.  This was my first trip of this kind and I really didn't know what to expect.  I came home w/ the most satisfied feeling. I'm already looking forward to the next trip w/ you all.

Brad Eismann – CA ::2007 Trans-Pyrenees Trip

Peter, you and your team continue to set the bar for performance bike trips. Your ability to combine a challenging ride with a relaxed, fun atmosphere, takes the stress out of tackling the World's most famous climbs. Can't wait to see what you come up with for next year.

Guy Asaro – CA ::2007 Trans-Pyrenees Trip

The Trans-Pyrenees challenge is seven days of the most amazing epic rides - through some of the most stunning scenery in world, filled with history, comraderie and the climbs, oh the climbs! I have raced all over the world and the Trans-Pyrenees challenge is more fulfilling than I ever could have imagined. You just have to experience it yourself!

Ken Hayes – GA ::2007 Trans-Pyrenees Trip

This is my second time going with Thomson Bike Tours and yet again they have delivered the goods. Great trip, great food and of course the staff were execellent. What more do I need to say!

Brooke Nelson – Australia ::2007 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia Trip

Peter - you're a legend with a great product that meets the needs of the lover of cycling. Surely the only bike tour which can have an inch of snow on my handlebars while keeping a smile on my face!!!

Alex Marshall – Australia ::2007 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia Trip

This was the first multi-day bike tour I have participated in, as I usually plan my own trip. I had a great experience riding in the Dolomites with Thomson Bike Tours, and would not hesitate to book another trip with them!

Laura Jump – CA ::2007 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia Trip

My second trip with Thomson Bike Tours did not disappoint! Most cycling at best value for those who like to ride hard in the mountains.

Don Taber – CA ::2007 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

I thought it was great.  It was exactly as described in the web site, which is a rarity these days.  I thought the organization was tremendous, the great planning showed, and it lived up to its designation as a performance trip.  Peter was a tremendous leader, and I thought Andy was great as a ride leader.

Robert Friedman – NJ ::2007 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

Fantastic!  It was amazing.  I had researched cycling companies for 6 months prior to booking with Thomson and I was not disappointed.  When I go back to Europe for another bike tour, I will go with Thomson Bike Tours.

Spencer deBry – UT ::2007 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

Awesome!  Great staff, support, well planned, and the best race veiwings.  It is pretty incredible how much riding you can get in just a week.  We will be back.

Sarah Patz – CA ::2007 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

The Trans Pyrenees trip was fantastic.  The routing was great, no busy roads, quaint towns and hotels each night - all off the beaten path.   Definitely not a trip of a life time, as I'd like to do the ride and trip many more times!

Hans Littooy – CA ::2007 Trans-Pyrenees Trip

This trip was one of the most challenging, rewarding, and life affirming things I've done! To experience the epic climbs of the Giro and see the race up close was fantastic. I'd do it again in a second; in fact will likely be back for either spring training or Pyrennes trip next year! I've recommended the trips to friends.

Michael Dunn – NY ::2006 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia Trip

Only two words can describe the trip for me and the last one is Perfect. You can use your imagination on the first one.....

Chuck Luddeke – NC ::2006 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia Trip

The trip was an incredible experience. Wow-just eat,sleep,ride, laugh and meet great people while enjoying beautiful scenery. Peter was a master of knowing people's limits and encouraging them to just go a bit beyond their comfort zone which created a great feeling of satisfaction. I would do it again in a heart beat and have recommended Thomson to many friends with great enthusiasm. ciao for now...

Cindy Dunn – NY ::2006 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia Trip

The Italy trip was the most incredible physical and mental experience that I have been through. We rode almost 450+ miles and climbed more than 50,000 feet of vertical. The days were a true test of will and belief in doing what on the surface might not seem possible. I thought about the "embrace the pain" philosophy a lot during the week. It truly helped me through some interesting times. What was really amazing was the need for complete immersion in this endeavor every day. I did everything I could to just be able to call home each day. All else was put on hold - there was no available emotional nor psychic time to do anything else. I actually feel like I will be forever different because of this trip. My confidence in doing what was previously not possible has gone up just because of this week. In addition, the tour group was phenomenal, the scenery maybe the most beautiful I have ever seen and the camaraderie with the other riders quite special. So, all in all a most amazing time and a truly memorable experience!

Joe Gagnon – NY ::2006 King of the Mountains > Giro d'Italia Trip

I enjoyed the trip so much in 2005, I did it again in 2006. It was equally as good the second time. Peter and his team know how to cater to serious cyclists who enjoy a high quality trip. I highly recommend it.

Jim Cracraft – CT ::2006 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

If you want to ride a bike with a bakset and a bell on it, stay at home. If you want the challenge and the rewards the spectacular French Alps have to offer, get ready. If you want a touring company that has you covered with attentive sag support, dedicated bike mechanics and all the logistical support necessary for you to just get on your bike and ride, there's no mistake about it, choose Thomson Bike Tours.

Chris Liberto – TN ::2006 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

Dear Peter and staff,
I'm sorry, I lied!!!!! Last year I told you the Loire venture was "the trip of a lifetime". Well, now it comes in second. The Alps were everything and more than I ever dreamed. The scenery, the sounds, the smells and yes even the crashes utitilized and stimulated all my senses while the biking did a job on my hunger and thirst. Being a "young lad" from Wisconsin I never could have prepared myself for the mountains yet somehow I was able to keep going and the inner satisfaction you get at the top of those mountains was amazing. It was the most physically challenging thing I have ever done but also the most rewarding. As always the support crew was fantastic. The laughs were plentiful and even as I write a smile comes to my face. The memories are plentiful and will never dwindle. In the end though as Paul quotes Lance, "it's not about the bike". It's so true. It's really about people. Those you meet for a second, for an hour, for a week, and some perhaps you'll continue to meet for a lifetime. Thanks!!!!!!

Paul Elbing – WI ::2006 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

Your planning and organization of the trip was suberb. The rides were epic. I throughly enjoyed myself, and will try to do more trips with you whenever I can.

Kenneth Salzberg – MN ::2006 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

This trip exceeded my expectations for logistics, riding, access to the TDF, lodging and overall value. If you like to go fast downhill, this trip will provide you with enough downhills to last a lifetime.

Ivan Beltran – CA ::2006 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

Professional, superbly organized. Paid to have Thomson Bike Tours handle the logistics and they delivered in every way. I was able to simply enjoy the riding and the views.

Vinny Buffenmyer – Norway ::2006 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

This was my first cycling vacation and I found that despite the variety in age and ability (though not corresponding!), everybody was able to structure the right amount and intensity of riding into their trip. Peter was a terrific group leader and inspired everyone to ride to their personal best. The race vantage points were well chosen and comfortable, and the support staff was very friendly and relaxed. I strongly recommend Thomson Bike Tours and am looking forward to the next trip! Thanks!

Adam Schildge – NY :: 2006 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

The Thomson Bike Tours Pyrenees ride was exceptional. It was some of the most enjoyable riding I've ever done. The support staff was great. I would and have recommended this trip to my friends.

Paul Evans – MD :: 2006 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

This trip was perfect. The right balance of riding, TDF viewing, sightseeing, socializing, cost. Everything worked liked a Swiss watch!

Hervey Townsend – CT ::2006 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

Truly the trip of a lifetime. I don't think we'll ever top this experience. The biking, hotels, meals and off-bike activities were brilliant. Peter and his team work hard to make it perfect and they succeed! Thanks Peter!

Tim & LuAnne Green – WI ::2005 Best of Tuscany Trip

Fantastic Trip!!! More than expected !!! Time of my life !!!

Chris Liberto – TN :: 2005 Best of Tuscany Trip

A great experience. Great rides, good hotels, excellent guides. A small group gave it a real personal touch

Terry Clark – England :: 2005 Classic Cols Trip

All in all, it was truly the best week of bicycle riding I can even imagine, and I highly recommend the Thomson Bike Tours group. With this week behind me, I feel my riding and my perspective of riding has changed for the better. It truly is what life is made for. I’m already planning next year’s trip with Thomson Bike Tours - this time to the Italian Alps, and the Giro d’Italia

Brad Cooley – NC :: 2005 Classic Cols Trip

Excellent trip - our best vacation. Staff and guests were great folks. The lodging, meals and locations were excellent

Jeff & Seana Stong - WA :: 2005 Loire Valley Trip

We want to thank you for everything that you did every day to make our trip a transforming experience. And I'm not exaggerating, it truly was life changing! We can't thank you enough for the fun times, the friendship, the cycling coaching, the great food, the superb wine, and the beautiful experience that was our vacation. Seeing the Tour de France was all we expected and more, but cycling through the Loire was in many ways even better. It introduced us to a quality of life that was so much more rich, and we're now doing our best to turn off CNN, choose fresher food, and spend more time cycling!

John & Sally Gentille - MD :: 2005 Loire Valley Trip

Dear Peter and Paul. I wanted to let you both know that this trip for me was a trip of a lifetime and THE BEST EVER. You run a very top-notch tour and it ran very smoothly. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know both of you and especially took pleasure in the chats we had at night in the outdoor cafes. Your support crew was also great and I would love to be part of it sometime-if you ever need a physician support person let me know!!!! Thanks again for an awesome trip

Paul Elbing - WI :: 2005 Loire Valley Trip

It was great to have different groups for different levels. I think most of us enjoyed the rides so much that they could have been longer. Just the best, I want to come back as a ride leader and do it every year! Just riding along in those beautiful fields of wheat and sunflowers on un-crowded roads...thinking to myself ‘this is as good as it gets, take it all in’.

Kelly Cammack – WA :: 2005 Loire Valley Trip

I loved the trip. It felt like I was a 17 yr-old stage racer again. Peter, Paul and the rest were terrific. The rides are the highlight. I would highly recommend it.

Dean Georgaris – CA :: 2005 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

Very enjoyable trip and I hope to come with Thomson Bike Tours again! Spain was all that was promised for the eyes and the stomach. Climbing the Tourmalet was a dream come true

Neal Thomas – Tempe, AZ :: 2005 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

A fabulous trip, better than I had imagined. Can't wait to do it again!

Jim Cracraft – Stamford, CT :: 2005 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

The trip was everything I hoped it would be. Everyone was friendly, the food was awesome and I learned a lot about riding from Paul! And best of all, I got to see history in the making by seeing the Discovery Channel team and Lance! I plan to come back every other year!

Mike Truitt – Bishopville, MD :: 2005 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

A wonderfully challenging and balls out bike experience. I have never seen anything like it in my life and I hope to see it again someday. A lifetime highlight!

Don Fisher – Willmar, MN :: 2005 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

It was truly a trip of a life time for me. I think about it almost every day and still enjoy the thoughts almost as much as the trip. The staff was perfect and provided great support and felt like one of the gang. Thanks to all for making the trip so much fun

Thom Woller - NC :: 2004 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

I have to do it again in the future

Darrell Simpkins - NC :: 2004 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

Excellent trip because of the group selection and the focus of the leaders on cycling

Ron Kendig - MS :: 2004 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

We hope to do it again (or the Giro) next year. I can't tell you what an amazing experience it was. Thank you all for all of your hard work to make it possible

Channing Tassone - WI :: 2004 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

It was a great trip, overall, excellent. One that will be a wonderful memory for many years

Linda & Larry Trogdon - NC :: 2004 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

Leadership, members of the team, support, getting us to the best Tour de France viewing was all great. Emphasis on safety was excellent. Ongoing pictures, emails/web usage was also great. Throughout the trip you all gave us the feeling that you really cared!

Stu Mechlin - IL :: 2004 King of the Mountains > France Alps Trip

Can't say enough about every aspect of the trip. Hats off to Peter, Sebastian, and all the staff on making the memory of a lifetime. Save me a spot in Italy!!

Brad Cooley - NC :: 2004 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

It was a lifetime highlight that I still daydream about

Dan Underkofler - CO :: 2004 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

It was truly the trip of a lifetime for me. The cultures, the people, the views, the rides, the hotels, the food, and the staff were all wonderful

Duncan Chapman - NC :: 2004 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

The rides were great. The long distances were perfect even if they looked scary on paper and Peter's maps/directions were great

Chris Gola - IL :: 2004 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

Thanks for being flexible to the requests during the trip. The experience was one we shall always cherish. Loved meeting all the participants

Mary Lou Blacharski - CA :: 2004 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

Peter it was a fantastic trip and experience. My wife and I will be seeing you again in the near future

Gerry & Suzanne Colligan - CT :: 2004 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

The rides in the Pyrenees leading up to the Tour were the best part. Those rides were wonderful. Great scenery and villages. Great part of the world. Would like to do a week just riding the Pyrenees . It was quite a surprise to find out how nice a part of the world I really never heard of was

John Datsko - CT :: 2004 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

The Performance group rides were exactly what I needed. It was great riding with Peter, I learned so much about descending, etc.

Brad Cooley - NC :: 2004 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

The trip was amazing, but it ruined the Tour de France for me because I don't think I can spend July in Chicago watching it on TV....I have to be there and experience it live every year now.

Chris Gola - IL :: 2003 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

I had an unbelievable time. I really enjoyed hanging out with everyone involved with this trip. I got to see some of Europe and ride unbelievable mountains, eat good food, and see Lance and the rest of the tour.

Mike Malone - NY :: 2003 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

Wonderful trip, Peter and Paul. I also want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to Francesc (mechanic) and Luisa. Their work made the trip so much more special. You have a great tour and I sincerely hope to be a part of it again in the future. I will be in the Performance group, however, and will get to the tops of those mountains.

Michael Marquardt - TX :: 2003 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

In general I can simply say that the trip was one of the best things I have ever done, What could be better than Francesc--clearly the best mechanic and 65 year-old cyclist possible, Luisa--clearly the best possible Mother hen and pal, Peter Thomson--clearly the most cheerful and charming cycling guide possible, Pedro--a driver of consumate skill, and Paul Rogen--concerned for everybody, and making it all happen with good times and cheer for all. I had a great time, and it could not have been better.

Allen Parsley - CA :: 2003 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip

On Thomson Bike Tours, Peter had us experience things we never imagined we would or could do. Peter Thomson was our host, guide, coach, pal and inspiration. We rode three great Pyrenean climbs of the 2002 Tour: Col d’Aubisque, Col du Tourmalet, and Le Plateau de Beille. We were right there to see Lance take the lead in the mountains - a lead he never relinquished. We also took beautiful rides through the Spanish and French countryside. The accommodations were terrific; including a night in a restored Thirteenth Century Spanish castle. Food and drink were great and there was plenty of it. Peter’s language skills in French and Spanish opened doors everywhere along the way. It was the trip of a lifetime.

Don Anderson - CT :: 2002 King of the Mountains > France Pyrenees Trip



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